We wanted a carry on travel backpack made for an adventure. As long time travelers, we know what makes the best travel backpacks. Laptop compartment. Lockable zippers. Breathable back panel. Backpack straps that don’t hurt your shoulders.

We just couldn’t find one.

So, we made it ourselves.

Whether you’re a student, a budget traveler, or a seasoned nomad, you’ll never want to start packing without Tortuga. We split our backpacks into three categories: Pro, Just Right, and Budget. Whatever your best carry on-sized pack looks like, you’ll find your dream bag here.

Just Right Travel Backpacks

Need the Goldilocks carry on backpack? Our Setout backpacks are the just-right blend of comfort, features, and materials in carry on backpacks for men and women.

Everyday travelers love the padded laptop sleeve and water resistant material. Beyond the laptop and front pocket, you have plenty of two mesh pockets for storing stuff. Oh, a functional water bottle pocket.

You know. It’s the little things in life.

Let’s Get Packing

At Tortuga, we know travel. We know the joy of the hole-in-the-wall tea shop. Or the best ramen bar no one’s ever heard of. Or wandering city streets looking for something interesting.

We know travel is about experience. Every Tortuga bag is designed to keep up with real adventure. And while you think about where the road may take you, your bag keeps all your possessions safe.

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