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Outbreaker Duffle


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Bring a little extra when you need it. The Outbreaker duffle is your go-to personal item for luggage overflow and in-flight essentials.

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the maximum-sized personal item that packs flat in your carry on


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Bring more when you need it

Sometimes you need to pack a little extra... but you don't want to check a bag. Carry the travel duffle as a personal item if you need extra room for souvenirs, long-haul flight essentials, or anything else your adventure requires.

The duffle is a maximum-sized personal item that will fit under the seat. You'll stay carry-on compliant every time.

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Never pay baggage fees

The duffle qualifies as a carry on bag on every airline, including those with the tightest restrictions. For a short trip, pack the duffle instead of larger carry on luggage. You can fit a week's worth of clothing and toiletries.

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Takes a kicking

The travel duffle’s waterproof fabric was originally built for racing sails, so it can handle being kicked and stepped on under the seat. Ditto for spilled drinks, a rainy destination, or a less-than-gentle cab driver. The duffel is small but mighty.

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Packs away for one bag travel

If you need overflow space for one leg of your flight but not the other (souvenirs, anyone?), the Outbreaker duffle packs flat to fit inside your luggage. Fold the duffle flat into a rectangle and tuck it into your carry on.