Checkpoint-Friendly Travel Backpack

If you travel with your computer, you need a checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack. With the right backpack, you can leave your laptop in your bag to get through security faster.

Padded laptop sleeve

What Makes a Bag Checkpoint-Friendly?

To be checkpoint-friendly, the TSA requires:

A Checkpoint-Friendly Personal Item Backpack

If you're looking for a backpack to join you at your seat on the airplane, the Outbreaker Laptop Backpack is your ideal checkpoint-friendly backpack.

The electronics compartment of the Outbreaker Laptop Backpack unzips to lay flat when you go through airport security and will fit up to a 15” Macbook. The laptop and tablet sleeves are padded and lined with soft fleece to keep your devices safe and a velcro tab will keep them in place.

Additionally, the Outbreaker Laptop Backpack is optimized for travel unlike your work or old school backpack. It features a spacious main compartment that will fit 1-2 days of clothes, your toiletry bag, and in-flight essentials. The front panel unzips fully so you can see and organize everything you packed -- just like a suitcase but in a smaller, lighter package.

The front pocket features an organizational panel to store pens, an e-reader, a notebook, sunglasses… all the little things you might want quick access to.

If you’re traveling with a rolling suitcase, slide the handle through the Outbreaker Laptop Backpack’s back panel for a seamless trip to your gate.

Lie flat, Checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve

A Checkpoint-Friendly Carry On Backpack

If you're looking for a full-sized carry on, the Outbreaker Backpack is a large carry on that’s also checkpoint-friendly and will fit in the overhead bin.

Most luggage-sized backpacks don’t even have a laptop sleeve. Even fewer have a lie flat electronics compartment and meet the TSA’s requirements.

The Outbreaker travel backpack’s entire electronics compartment can be unzipped and laid flat on the conveyor belt at airport security and will fit up to a 17" Macbook.

Unzip the Outbreaker’s back panel and unfold it for expedited security screening. Everything will stay in place, secured by a velcro tab. You don’t have to worry about your laptop sliding out as you open your bag for security screening.

Outbreaker Backpack's fleece-lined laptop sleeve

In addition, the Outbreaker Backpack opens like a suitcase for easy packing and unpacking. Fitting a week’s worth of clothes, you’ll be able to see everything you packed in the spacious clothing compartment without dumping your entire bag just to find that last pair of clean socks. The front pocket’s organizer panel holds your pens, ereader or notebook, and snacks for easy inflight access and the hip belt pockets are great for pocket dumps at security and to have quick access to your phone, passport, and boarding pass.

The Outbreaker Backpack raises the standards with a height-adjustable padded suspension system for a comfortable carry every time.


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