Cotopaxi Allpa vs Tortuga Setout Divide Backpack

Needed: Thick, Comfy Shoulder Straps

Let’s get honest, shall we?

Your shoulders are delicate beings. They are the conduit between your body and center of operations: your brain. Your shoulders are often mistreated by being forced to carry the weight of your heavy backpack, handbag, or messenger bag.

That is why we made Setout Divide Backpack’s shoulder straps from injection molded foam. It’s the same foam used in the soles of your favorite running shoes. Over time, that foam breaks in—in the best way possible—and conforms to the shape of your body.

With the Setout Divide, your shoulders are treated with white gloves. You don’t end up with a mass of painful knots in your shoulders or neck, exposing you to pounding headaches and sleepless nights.

How does the Cotopaxi Allpa's shoulder straps compare?

They don’t. The Allpa's shoulder straps are thin and lack padding. They'll remind you of the shoulder straps of an elementary school student's bookbag.

Where’s My Hip Belt?

A good hip belt, like the one on the Setout Divide, can transfer 80% or more of your bag's weight to your hips. When your backpack’s weight is lifted (literally) from your shoulders, your tender neck muscles feel instant relief.

A hip belt is designed to make your pack feel lighter. When fitted correctly, a good hip belt transfers your bag's weight from your shoulders to your hips. Then you use your big, powerful leg muscles to hold the weight of your bag, instead of using your weaker shoulder muscles.

If you're carrying 15-20 pounds, and you don’t use a hip belt, your neck might develop knots, creating long-term headaches. 

The Cotopaxi Allpa lacks a padded hip belt. Their thin belt won't do anything but keep your bag close to your body. Because it's unpadded, it's likely to push into the flesh around your midsection.

We want you to be comfortable on your trip. That’s why the Tortuga Setout Divide has a full-weight bearing hip belt. So your hips carry that full 80% of your bag’s weight.

And your shoulders are light and primed for adventure.

Not Ideal for Air Travelers

The Setout Divide has a pass-through sleeve for use with a rolling suitcase, so you hook it right on the top of your rolling suitcase. Suddenly, your backpack is a good-sized personal item that doesn’t topple off your suitcase when you speed-walk through the airport. This small detail that makes it more ideal for air travelers.

The Cotopaxi Allpa 28L lacks this thoughtful detail?  

Attracts All The Wrong Eyes

When you’re on the road, many times its best to blend into the city rather than to stand out.

If you look like a tourist, your chances of being targeted by a thief, pickpocket, or worse skyrocket. Because you’re an easy mark.

City dwellers favor nondescript, dark colored bags and clothing. It helps them blend into the scenery and crowds rather than catch the eye of a potential criminal.

Cotopaxi picked bright, neon fabrics for their backpacks. But we deliberately created the Setout Divide with a locals-only-vibe by crafting it in a beautiful, albeit black or concrete-colored, fabric.

So you blend into the buildings, drifting below the radar and making it that much easier to evade evil-hearted villains.

Winning Combo

When you need a travel backpack designed with your safety, comfort, and delicate shoulders squarely front of mind, choose the Setout Divide Backpack. This travel backpack delivers a win-win.