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Why a Front-Loading Backpack is Perfect for Travel

Most backpacks, especially larger ones, open at the top. The first thing you packed falls to the bottom of the bag, while the last thing you packed sits on the top. Your stuff is left disorganized and hard to reach.

These backpacks do not work for travelers. Instead, use a front-loading backpack when you travel.

A front-loading backpack will give you easy access to all of your stuff while keeping it organized.

Front-loading, also called panel-loading, bags have a clamshell-style opening, just like a suitcase. The entire front of the bag can be opened to allow for easy packing and unpacking. This level of accessibility allows you to take out or pack an item without moving anything else around.

Get In. Get Out.

Traditional, top-loading packs are a hassle. If you pack something in the bottom half of your bag, or if it falls there, you have to unpack everything above it just to get it out. Then you have to repack the whole bag.

Packing is a pain when you have to do it once. Don't buy a bag that forces you to repack every time you take something out of it. Instead, enjoy the efficiencies of a front-loading backpack like the Outbreaker travel backpack.

Prevent Pain With Ergonomic Packing

Better access to your bag means that you can pack strategically.
Top-loading bags require you to pack everything in order. If you need to make a change, you'll have to repack everything above and below. That process is a huge time-waster, especially when you're packing two weeks worth of clothes into your backpack for Europe.

With a front-loading backpack, you can deliberately place light items at the bottom of your bag and heavy items near the top, close to your body. Small adjustments like these can greatly improve the ergonomics of your bag.

Want to make a change? No problem. Just move the items you want and let everything else stay where it is.

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of a front-loading bag on your next trip? Check out the Outbreaker product page for more information.