How to Fit the Outbreaker Backpack

Fit your Outbreaker to your height and shape to make it as comfortable as possible. Customizing the fit is the key to maximizing your comfort.

The Outbreaker fits a wide variety of heights and sizes.

Save your shoulders with the Outbreaker's hip belt. Transfer 80% of your pack's weight from your shoulders to your hips. Then your stronger leg muscles can do the work of carrying your bag.

Watch the videos below and read the detailed explanations to perfectly fit your Outbreaker backpack.

How to Measure Your Torso

It's easy to measure your torso to get a perfect fit for your Outbreaker.

Start by measuring your torso along your spine. Use a soft tape measurer and ask a friend to help.

Bend your head forward to find the vertebrae that sticks out at the top of your spine. Start your measurement from here.

Place your hands flat at the top of your hip bones with your thumbs pointing towards your spine. Use your hands to mimic the shelf that your backpack will rest on.

Have your friend measure from the vertebrae to the shelf you made with your hands. This is your torso length.

How to Adjust Your Shoulder Straps

Next, adjust the Outbreaker’s shoulder straps to your height.

Pull up on the velcro tab to unlock the suspension system. Then, pull down to slide the tab out of the webbing ladder.

Measure from the bottom of the Outbreaker backpack up to the webbing loop that is closest to your torso length. If you're between sizes, round down.

Reattach the shoulder straps starting from the loop that you measured to match your torso. Thread the tab through that webbing loop and the three loops above it. Fold the shoulder straps flat, then reattach by velcro.

Try your bag on. If the fit is off, adjust it up or down by one loop.

How to Adjust the Fit of Your Backpack

The last step is to try your pack on and adjust the fit of the rest of the straps. Put some weight in your pack before trying it on for a realistic test.

Then put your bag on and adjust the hip belt. Remember that it should be resting on your hip bones. If the fit is right, you should feel the weight of your bag move from your shoulders to your hips when you tighten the belt. If the fit is off, go back to the last step and adjust the shoulder straps up or down as needed.

Once the hip belt is perfect, tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down and back.

Pull forward on the load lifter straps at the top of your shoulders.

Finally, clip and adjust the sternum strap to keep the shoulder straps from pulling back on your shoulders. Adjust the height of the sternum strap as needed. Your bag should now be comfortable, with the weight riding on your hips.

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