How to Fit the Prelude Backpack

A perfect fit is the difference between a travel backpack that feels light on your back and one that weighs you down.

How to Fit

The Prelude Backpack is designed to fit comfortably on most people. The video below shows how to measure your torso before you order a travel backpack as well as how to test the fit once you receive your new bag.

Before ordering a travel backpack, measure your torso to see if you fall within the Prelude Backpack's range of 17-19" torsos.

Note that this video uses the Setout Backpack in the demo. All of the information on size and fit applies to the Prelude Backpack.

How to Test Fit When Your Bag Arrives

What's the first thing you do when you buy a new pair of shoes online? Try them on and walk around your house to check the fit and to see if they're comfortable. Even when you buy the right size, not every pair of shoes will be comfortable on your feet.

The same idea applies to travel backpacks. Before traveling with a new bag, make sure to do a test pack.

Step One: Pack the Bag

You need to test a fully packed bag, not an empty one. In order to do a meaningful test fit, pack clothing in the main compartment and your tablet in the front sleeve before putting on the bag. You don't have to pack exactly what you would on a trip, but make sure to pack approximately the same amount of stuff so the weight is as close to a real-world situation as possible.

Step Two: Put it On

Put the shoulder straps on first, then clip the hip belt around your torso.

Step Three: Adjust

Adjust the height of the shoulder straps by pulling on the webbing at the base of the foam sections.

Move the sternum strap up or down so that it's just below your collarbone, then tighten until the bag is taut against your body. Tighten the hip belt until it's snug, but not suffocating. The base of the hip belt should rest right on top of your hip bones. If it's too high or too low, it won't successfully transfer your bag's weight from your shoulders to your hips.

Step Four: Walk Around

Walk around for a little while. Pay attention to whether or not the hip belt is transferring weight from your shoulders. Check if the bag feels uneven or if anything is tugging on you. Adjust the fit by repeating the steps above.

If you have questions about the Prelude Backpack that aren't answered on this page or the product page, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help you have a great trip.