Incase EO vs Tortuga Outbreaker

Below Max Carry On Size

Carry on limits vary by airline. Most airlines allow bags up to 45 linear inches (length + width + height). Some airlines are more specific about the limits of each dimension. In those cases, 22 x 14 x 9" is the most common guideline.

These dimensions equate to 45L of maximum capacity. Any larger luggage must be checked and will almost always incur a fee of $25 or more per flight.

The EO Travel Backpack is only 40L when expanded. When it isn't expanded, it's only 30L. Either way, you're not maximizing your free carry on space.

Airlines are notoriously stingy with space. Don't give back the space that they're willing to give you.

The Outbreaker travel backpack takes advantage of your allowed carry on space so that you can bring as much stuff as possible without paying to check your bag.

For Two-Day Trips Only

Because of its smaller size, the EO Travel Backpack can only be used on very short trips. Incase says that the backpack was "designed for overnight travel" in the product description.

Two days are fine for business travel, or weekend trips. If that's the longest trip you ever take, Incase's backpack may be a good choice.

But what if you like to take longer trips? What if you've been saving up for a big trip of a week or longer?

That's when Incase comes up short, but the Outbreaker excels.

The Outbreaker travel backpack is designed for city travel, not business trips.

Carrying All the Weight on Your Shoulders

Large backpacks should always have a weight-bearing hip belt. You'll notice that nearly every hiking backpack has one, and it's important for travel, too.

These hip belts are designed to transfer your pack's weight from your shoulders to your hips. When properly fitted, you should be carrying 80% or more of your bag's weight on your hips.

Carrying the weight on your hips allows you to use your strong leg muscles to do the work, instead of using your weaker shoulder muscles.

Using a hip belt will prevent shoulder, neck, and back strain. Even if you're only walking a mile at a time, a fully packed bag can start to feel heavy quickly.

With a hip belt, your pack will feel light and like a part of you, not a weight pulling on you.

The EO Travel Backpack does not have a hip belt.

The Outbreaker travel backpack has a heavily padded hip belt with pockets. In addition to the comfort mentioned above, you also get two extra pockets within easy reach. These pockets are great for storing boarding passes, tickets, and money.

Hip Belt | Tortuga Outbreaker

When going through airport security, you can quickly dump the contents of your pants' pockets into the Outbreaker’s hip belt pockets. You'll avoid the wrath of the TSA while keeping your stuff safely zipped away, not loose in a bowl waiting to be stolen.

How Long is Your Vacation?

If you plan on traveling for longer than two days, check out the Outbreaker travel backpack. Unlike Incase, we are 100% focused on travelers just like you.

If you like our approach, you can learn more about the Outbreaker travel backpack here.