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Incase EO vs Tortuga Setout Divide

The Incase EO is aimed at carry on travelers, but their backpack strikes out in a few vital categories that are guaranteed to make your trip a home run. The Setout Divide is a better option.

Flimsy Shoulder Straps

Quick question: where does most of your backpack’s weight hang from?

If you answered “my shoulders,” we’ve got a winner, folks.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to craft comfortable, thickly padded shoulder straps with a wide surface area to dispense your backpack’s weight?

You’d hope so.

But the design team at Incase didn’t agree. Instead, they equipped the Incase EO with flimsy, nearly-pencil-thin “padded shoulder straps.” In other words, it’s a guarantee your shoulders will quickly ache from your Incase EO’s weight.

As a baseball empire would say, “Strike one.”

Why not choose two Belgian-waffle-thick shoulder straps crafted from injection-molded foam -- the same foam in your favorite running sneakers? Why not choose comfy straps chock-full of robust padding? Why not choose a -- dare we say it -- nearly custom-fit, thanks to an injection-molded foam that conforms to your body over time?

That’s what you’ll find in the Setout Divide Backpack.

We know the feeling of a pounding, lingering headache from a heavy backpack dangling off thin shoulder straps. And we don’t think your trip needs that kind of baggage.

Missing a Hip Belt

A high-quality, padded hip belt transfers 80% of your bag’s weight to your hips, saving your shoulders from tight knots in your back.

Until you’re carrying a full backpack, you don’t realize a hip belt’s true magic to literally lift weight from your shoulders.

Incase EO’s designers didn’t add in that magical hip belt. So if you travel with this bag, you’ll never know the blissful feeling of knot-free shoulders.  

We want you to be comfortable on your trip. That’s why the Tortuga Setout Divide has a full-weight bearing hip belt with pockets for your phone and boarding pass. So your hips carry 80% of your bag’s weight. And your shoulders are light, fancy-free, and primed for adventure.

Not Ideal for Air Travelers

The Setout Divide has a pass-through sleeve for use with a rolling suitcase, so you hook it right on the top of your rolling suitcase. Suddenly, your backpack is a good-sized personal item.

That doesn’t topple off your suitcase when you fast-walk through the airport. This small detail that makes the Setout Divide more ideal for air travelers.

Does the Incase EO have this thoughtful detail? Nope, sorry, folks, strike 3.

A Comfortable Home Run For Your Trip

If you’re looking for a compact carry on backpack crafted with comfort and air travel friendliness in mind, check out the Tortuga Setout Divide Backpack.