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Working remotely is the first step to location independence.

Your job shouldn't dictate where you live.→

Work is broken and outdated. Companies value ‘time in seat’ over performance. Bosses micromanage their employees and stifle creativity. This factory-era mindset is holding us back from doing our best work.

globe illustration Technology has freed us from robot-like labor. Now we must replace the industrial model with a human one.

←Tortuga is our vision of the future of work.

We believe that sharing values is more important than sharing an office. We choose purpose over place. We prioritize output over hours.

A trip to Eastern Europe inspired us to start Tortuga. Travel is in our DNA.

Tortuga Co-Founders Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen in Prague

Our journey started in 2009. On a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe, we learned that most luggage isn’t great for city travel. Jeremy’s bag ripped on the first day, and Fred’s was a disorganized mess. We couldn't find the perfect travel backpack, so we made it.

Tortuga designs carry-on-sized luggage for city travel and publishes packing and gear advice so that you know what to bring and how to pack it.

globe illustration Tortuga is a fully-distributed company. Our team works remotely and lives all over the world.

At a company retreat in Lisbon, Portugal

globe illustration When hiring, we look for teammates who share our values.

Our Values

Work On Our Terms

We are a distributed team. Everyone sets their own hours and chooses where to live and work.

Scratch Our Own Itch

We created our first product because we needed it. Every product that we make must solve a problem for city travelers. We will never slap our logo on a “me too” product just for the cash.

Prioritize the Customer

When a customer has a problem, we’ll do everything in our power to fix it. When they contact us, they are always speaking directly to a person with the authority and ability to solve their problem.

Build and Improve Systems

We use software and systems to help our team focus on what matters: product and people.


Work from Anywhere

Tortuga is 100% distributed. Decide where you work best, whether that's from home, a coffee shop, a co-working space, or another country. We will even pay for your coworking membership and give you a new hire bonus of $250 to set up your desk.

Team Retreats

Twice per year, we meet up in person to to spend time together and to plan the future of the company. Past retreats include New Orleans, Lisbon, and Montreal.

Unlimited Vacation

You decide how much of a break you need and when. Just promise to tell us about your trip when you get back.

Total Coverage

Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance. Tortuga pays 100% of your premiums and 50% of your dependents' premiums.

Retirement Savings

Tortuga matches 100% of your contributions up to 4% of your salary.

Parental Leave

Take up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

Free Gear

All the bags and accessories you need for your future travels.

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