LIVE: Fraud Updates and Resources for Scammed Customers

A scammer has been using our brand name illegally to sell fake products (like scooters) that never arrive.

If you’re a victim of that scam, we want to help you get your money back from the criminal (through your bank) and work together to make sure it doesn’t happen to other people.

Latest Update

We’re working with Shopify, the online platform where the scammer is selling fake products illegally using our name, to investigate the fraud. If you want to help us, please reference the email Lauren sent you with the information we need to run an investigation.


How to Get Your Money Back

Your money went to a criminal, not to Tortuga, so we don’t have your money -- the scammer does. Your bank can help you get your money back if you dispute the transaction.

Some banking sites will allow you to dispute the transaction online, but we recommend calling your bank and disputing the charge over the phone. That way, the banker can ask more fact-finding questions to provide to their fraud team.

How to Tell if You're a Victim of This Scam

This scammer uses the name “” to sell things that aren’t backpacks (for example, scooters and sheds). They operate under many different stores. If you've been scammed, you may get a confirmation text and/or email with the following trademarks:

  1. There is a URL for your order that does not link to, and the link may no longer work
  2. The scammer provides a random Gmail account for contact purposes and not a business email address
  3. If you click on a “Visit Our Store” link in your confirmation, it does not take you to

Your bank statement might say “” and a city, like Houston, TX. Your money did not go to Tortuga, it went to a criminal pretending to be Tortuga.