Nomatic Backpack vs Setout Laptop Backpack

The Nomatic Backpack is designed for “your life on the move.” Which sounds great, but frequent travelers might find it lacking in some key areas where the Setout Laptop Backpack excels.

Minimal Organization

The Nomatic Backpack’s interior features a removable panel for organization. Removable means insecure, which means a recipe for a jumbled mess.

Compare that to the Setout Laptop Backpack, which has three compartments to keep your gear organized.

Situated flush against your back for an optimally ergonomic carry, your laptop sails over bumps in the road in a separate compartment with a padded electronics sleeve. That compartment has one zippered mesh pocket for your laptop charger, travel mouse, USBs, and external hard drive.

Setout’s second main compartment has room to pack clothes for a 1-2 day trip. Meaning: no need to pack another bag for a short weekend getaway. Hello, one-bag travel.

On the backpack’s front is the third compartment where an organizational panel awaits your pens, keys, notebooks, headphones, and other small most-needed items.

Organization beats a hot mess any day of the week.

Thin Shoulder Straps

Quick question: where does most of your backpack’s weight hang from? If you answered “my shoulders,” we’ve got a winner, folks.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to craft comfortable, thickly padded shoulder straps to dispense your backpack’s weight, especially when you're carrying a heavy laptop?

You’d hope so.

But the design team at Nomatic didn’t agree. Instead, they equipped their backpack with flimsy, thin shoulder straps. In other words, your shoulders will quickly ache from your Nomatic Backpack’s weight.

To avoid pain and discomfort on the go, choose a bag that puts an emphasis on ergonomics. The Setout Laptop Backpack does just that. The shoulder straps give you a nearly custom-fit thanks to an injection-molded foam that conforms to your body over time.

We know the feeling of aching shoulders courtesy of a heavy backpack dangling from thin shoulder straps. And we don’t think your trip needs that kind of baggage.

No Breathable Mesh Back Panel

A little bit of mesh goes a long way.

Imagine: walking to your Airbnb on a hot, sunny day. You’re still catching your breath fast after a quick hustle to catch the last train into the city. Sweat is licking your spine. It doesn’t help that your backpack's fabric keeps the sweat close to your body, heating you up.

Instead of letting your skin breath and cool you down.  

The Setout Laptop Backpack is crafted with a comfortable, breathable mesh back. On a hot day, the mesh wicks sweat from your body instead of making it worse.

No Hideaway Straps

Have you ever walked down the narrow aisle of an airplane… with your backpack’s straps catching on every other seat? With the Setout Laptop Backpack, tuck your backpack straps for streamlined maneuvering down that tight aisle.

Traveling with the Nomatic Backpack? Expect lots of strap-catching while boarding an airplane.

Not Ideal for Air Travelers

The Setout Laptop Backpack has a pass-through sleeve for use with a rolling suitcase, so you hook it right on the top of your suitcase.

Suddenly, your laptop backpack is a personal item that doesn’t topple off your suitcase and crack your laptop when you speed-walk through the airport. This small detail that makes it more ideal for air travelers.

Does the Nomatic Backpack have this thoughtful detail? Nope.

Awfully Conspicuous

When you’re on the road, many times it’s best to blend into the city rather than stand out. If you look like a tourist, your chances of being targeted by a thief, pickpocket, or worse skyrocket. Because you’re an easy mark.

City dwellers favor nondescript, dark colored bags and clothing. It helps them blend into the scenery and crowds rather than catch the eye of a potential criminal.

Nomatic slapped a large logo on their backpack, so you’re a walking billboard for their company.  Instead of asking our customers to advertise our bags just by wearing them, we deliberately created the Setout Laptop Backpack with a locals-only-vibe with low-key branding.

You'll blend into the commuter workforce instead of looking like a tourist.

A Thoughtful Laptop Backpack

When you’re traveling and out of your comfort zone, you need a little creature comfort and some thoughtful design to ease your stride. With the Setout Laptop Backpack, you’ll find just that.