Nomatic Travel Bag vs Tortuga Setout Backpack

Dedicated Laptop Compartment

With the Nomatic Travel Bag, you’ll be forced to open your bag’s main compartment to withdraw your laptop and go through security. Try doing that quickly without spewing your clothes across three security lines.

Yeah. That never works out well.

Not to mention the laptop compartment is on the front of the bag, which is exposes your expensive laptop to live, exposed to bumps and jolts. To top it off, the front of the bag is the worst place to store a heavy item like a laptop. Having that weight close to your body makes your load feel lighter.

With the Setout Backpack, your laptop travels safely in a fleece-lined dedicated laptop compartment right against your spine.

It’s protected from the evils of the overhead bin. Plus, it’s separate from your clothes, so it’s one quick zip to pull out your laptop and put in the bin.

Zero-Comfort Shoulder Straps

Your shoulders are delicate beings. They are the conduit between your body and center of operations: your brain. Your shoulders are often mistreated by being forced to carry the weight of your heavy backpack, handbag, or messenger bag.

Folks, that ain’t right.

That is why we made Setout Backpack’s shoulder straps from injection molded foam. That’s the same foam used in the soles of your favorite running shoes. Over time, that foam breaks in -- in the best way possible -- and conforms to the shape of your body.

With the Setout, your shoulders are treated with white gloves. You don’t end up with a mass of painful knots in your shoulders or neck, exposing you to pounding headaches and sleepless nights.

How does the Nomatic Travel Bag’s shoulder straps compare?

Well, not so great. These shoulder straps are weak little fabric slices destined to hurt when you're carrying a full backpack.

Missing: Water Bottle Pockets

Nomatic Travel Bag designers clearly thought of everything in combining “the best features from a backpack, duffel bag and general luggage.” Except for a water bottle pocket.

We at Tortuga stay thirsty for adventure… and water on the road. That’s why we included a lie-flat water bottle pocket on the Setout Backpack. It’s so much easier to problem-solve when your brain’s neurons are hydrated for action.

Missing Reachable Pockets

The Setout Backpack’s hip belt features two large passport-sized pockets within easy reach. You don’t even have to take off your backpack to get into these pockets. They’re perfect for storing your phone, cash, coins, tickets, passport, and boarding passes.

Best of all: your most important items will always be within finger’s reach. No more digging in your pants' pockets, or rooting around in your bag for them.

And when you go through airport security? They’re a lifesaver. Quickly empty the contents of your pants' pockets into the Tortuga's hip belt pockets before going through the metal detector. On the other side, everything you need -- like your boarding pass and lip balm -- is still within finger’s reach when you put your bag back on.

Keeping your phone and passport in zippered pockets is much safer than tossing it in a bowl and leaving it visible to everyone else in the security line.

Which is your scenario if you pick the Nomatic Travel Bag. This bag has thin pockets on the hip belt that don’t fit anything important. They're technically reachable, but not very useful.

What a waste.

An Ideal Backpack For Your Trip

If you’re looking for a maximum-sized carry on backpack crafted with meaningful organization and best-in-class ergonomics, check out the Setout Backpack.