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Why You Should Carry a Panel-Loading Backpack

Most backpacks are top-loading. You dump everything into a single opening at the top like you're using a funnel. Then your stuff, all stacked on top of itself, becomes a disorganized mess.

What if you want to get a pair of sandals for a quick trip to the beach? Oh no, they're stuck at the bottom of your backpack. Now you have to waste time unpacking then repacking your entire bag.

A panel-loading backpack allows for the accessibility and organization of a suitcase but maintains all the comfort and advantages of traveling with a backpack.

The best choice of luggage for a week or months-long trip is a panel-loading backpack like the Outbreaker travel backpack. Because it isn't top-loading, you don't need to unpack all your stuff to get to the one thing you need. A panel-loading backpack allows easy access to all of your stuff at once.

Grab What You Need… Fast!

Camping, hiking, and mountaineering backpacks load from the top. You just dump all your stuff in. Getting one item at a time from a top-loading bag is impossible.

Oftentimes small things fall to the very bottom of the pack. To get your phone charger you might have to unpack everything. And then repack it.

This process is an inconvenient waste of time.

Panel-loading backpacks make getting whatever you're after easy. You don't need to dump out all of your gear to get a particular item. When you open the front panel, you can quickly and easily put your stuff where you want it or grab a small item. Because it's easy to unpack and repack individual items, you will save time with a front-loading bag.

Prevent Back Pain with Ergonomic Packing

Top-loading bags make positioning your load ergonomically difficult because everything is packed from the top. Front-loading backpacks make distributing your pack's weight easy.

You can lay the Tortuga down and open the entire front of the bag, just like a suitcase. Then you can strategically pack your heaviest and most used items.

Position your boots where they won't cause you back pain and pack your books and electronics for quick access.

Stay Organized

Traditional backpacks work like a garbage bag. You put your stuff in from the top, and it all stacks on top of itself. Staying organized is nearly impossible.

The Outbreaker allows for you to organize all your stuff as if you were using a suitcase. You can see where you're putting your stuff, and it will be in the same place when you open your bag again.

Learn more about the Outbreaker here.