Patagonia Black Hole vs Setout Duffle Bag

Not Usable for One Bag Travel 

If you travel with the Black Hole and your laptop or tablet, you’ll need a separate bag just for your computer. 

With the Setout Duffle Bag, your laptop or tablet travels safely in a separate sleeve fastened with a velcro latch. In that same compartment, there are two mesh zippered pockets for your extra laptop paraphernalia like a mouse, charger, USB drive, laptop stand, and traveling keyboard.

You can leave that computer-only bag at home.

No Organization

Patagonia named their duffle bag correctly: Black Hole.

That’s what you’ll see when you unzip it and hunt for a clean t-shirt: a black hole that’s swallowed all your clothes and laughs in your face when you're scrounging around inside for that one pair of clean socks.

Because this duffle doesn’t have any interior organization save for two small zippered mesh pockets on the top flap. Its exterior organization is also severely lacking with one small zippered exterior pocket.

Not so with the Setout Duffle Bag. Inside its main compartment are 3 zippered mesh pockets: one large and two small. So your clean socks and rolled t-shirts stay put.

And there are two generous, 12” long, deep pockets on both sides of the duffle’s exterior. So you can stash your Most Valuable Items -- i.e., noise-cancelling headphones, iPhone, passport, lip balm -- in a convenient spot within finger’s reach.

Say goodbye to scrounging for hours inside an “extra large main compartment,” hoping you find those dang clean socks.

Separate Shoe Compartment

Shoes are the bad boy in a carry on. When they get messy, they convince the contents of your entire carry on to join them in getting down and dirty.

Pretty soon you’re facing another laundry day only two days after your last one.

Not to fret. With a little forward-thinking, you can outsmart those dirty shoes by choosing a duffle with a separate shoe compartment, like the Setout Duffle. Simply slide your dirty shoes inside the shoe compartment, zip up, and away you go.

No worrying that your dress shirts will come away smeared with mud.

Blends Into The City

When you’re on the road, many times its best to blend into the city rather than stand out. If you look like a tourist, your chances of being targeted by a thief, pickpocket, or worse skyrocket. Because you’re an easy mark.

City dwellers favor nondescript, dark colored bags and clothing. It helps them blend into the scenery and crowds rather than catch the eye of a potential criminal.

Patagonia picked bright blues, reds, and greens for their duffles, making them easy to spot in a sea of black luggage. But we deliberately created the Setout Duffle with a locals-only-vibe by crafting it in a concrete-colored fabric.

So you blend into the buildings, drifting below the radar and making it that much easier to evade evil-hearted villains.

Pairs Well With Rolling Suitcase

On a longer trip, you might need to bring more than one bag: a duffle as your carry on, and a rolling suitcase as your check in bag.

That situation doesn’t work well if you travel with the Patagonia Black Hole. It doesn’t have a pass-through sleeve to hook it onto your roller suitcase. Prepare to stop and hook your duffle back onto your suitcase’s handle. Rinse and repeat.

Not so with the Setout Duffle. With a handy-dandy pass-through sleeve, your duffle and rolling suitcase mind-meld into one bag.

A Duffle Can Be Your BFF On The Road

Often a duffle gets left at home due to its poor interior organizational system (see: giant empty space without any pockets). But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the Setout Duffle Bag, you get the best of both worlds: traveling with a duffle and finding everything when you need it.