Why You Should Use a Secure Backpack When Traveling

Most travelers carrying backpacks are easy targets for thieves and pickpockets. Why? Most backpacks aren't secure. A drawstring closure is the norm, and that's very easy to loosen, exposing your bag to thieves.

When traveling, you need a bag that will prevent theft, not encourage it.

Using a secure backpack will minimize your risk of theft and keep your valuables safe.

To keep your stuff out of the hands of criminals, it needs to be locked securely in a backpack designed specifically for travel. Your most valuable possessions, like your passport, should have yet another layer of security.

The most important feature in a secure, travel backpack is a lockable zipper. Not a drawstring. Not a regular zipper. A lockable zipper.

A small padlock will be enough to deter most casual theft. Your bag doesn't need to be Fort Knox. It just needs to make a potential thief think twice.

Tortuga travel backpacks use lockable YKK zippers, the gold standard for quality zippers. Yes, we really do obsess over things like zipper quality so you don't have to. The zipper sliders have integrated loops made especially for TSA-approved mini padlocks, so you can lock your bag from the outside.

Crime while traveling in a foreign country isn't nearly as common as many people would have you believe. However, you can't leave your safety to chance when you're thousands of miles from home. Instead, use the simple security system of a lockable backpack. You have enough to worry about when you're on the road. Leave backpack security to us.

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