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Setout Divide Backpack vs. Setout Laptop Backpack

Though the Setout Divide and Laptop Backpack have similar volumes and aesthetics, they're two different bags for two different purposes.

The Basics

If you’re looking for a versatile mid-sized carry on, the Setout Divide is probably right for you. It's designed to function optimally as a compact carry on for short trips and light packers. Take advantage of the expandable functionality to pack for a longer trip without carrying a second bag.

If you want a secondary bag to pair with a larger carry on, like a duffle or rolling suitcase, the Laptop Backpack is your best choice.

The Divide can function as a secondary bag, as it'll fit under the seat of most airplanes when unexpanded, but it’s more feature-rich and thus heavier and more expensive.


 Setout Divide Backpack Setout Laptop Backpack
20” x 13” x 6” (expands to 8”) 18.5” x 12” x 6.75”
26L (expands to 34L) 25L
3.8 lbs 2.8 lbs
Laptop: up to 15” Laptop: up to 15”
Tablet: up to 9.7” Tablet: up to 9.7”


Both bags have:

The Setout Divide also has:

Size Reference

The unexpanded Setout Divide Backpack on Christina, 5'5":

The Setout Laptop Backpack on Christina, 5'5":

Internal Organization

Both bags feature a three-compartment layout with a slim compartment for electronics, a larger main compartment for clothes, and a front compartment with an organization panel for small items like keys and pens.

The main difference between the two bags is in the clothing compartment.

The Setout Divide's compartment opens from the middle and is divided in two sections (hence the name). Use the two halves to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes, or shirts and pants from socks and underwear.


Unexpanded, the Setout Divide's clothing compartment can fit 3-5 days of clothes. Expanded, you can pack for a week or more.

The Laptop Backpack has a panel loading clothing compartment with mesh pockets on the panel. It has enough packing space for a change of clothes, in-flight essentials, and toiletries. 


What Fits Inside

Sample Packing List: Setout Divide

The Setout Divide Backpack is ideal for short trips. Unexpanded, it can hold 3-5 days worth of clothing, toiletries, and accessories. Expanded, you can pack for a week or more.

In the front organizer compartment, pack:

For a 5-day warm weather trip, the Divide will fit:

For a 3-day cold weather trip, pack:

Pack your toiletries in the main clothing compartment, your laptop in the compartment flush against your back, and chargers in the front compartment. 

Sample Packing List: Setout Laptop Backpack

Though the Laptop Backpack is most ideal for use as a secondary bag for air travel, it's also a great option for an overnight trip. The packing list below will help illustrate the difference in packing space between the two bags. 

In the front organizer compartment, pack:

In the main compartment, pack:

Pack your laptop in the compartment flush against your back, and chargers in the electronics compartment's mesh pocket. 

For more sample packing lists for the Laptop Backpack, click here


If you want to travel with one bag on a 3-7 day trip and are a light packer, choose the Setout Divide. If you prefer to travel with two bags and want to pack a little more, choose the Setout Laptop Backpack and pair it with a duffle bag or a rolling suitcase.