What Fits Inside the Setout Duffle Bag

 Since it has an electronics compartment, unlike most duffles, there's no need to carry a second bag. 

We’ve compiled a sample packing list to give you an idea of how to pack the Setout Duffle Bag.


Pack larger clothes, like jeans and sweaters, in the main compartment. Pack small items like socks and underwear in the mesh zippered pockets for easy access.

For a 5-day warm weather trip, the Duffle Bag will fit:

For a 3-day cold weather trip, pack:

When you're traveling in cold weather, wear your jacket / coat on the plane or carry it separately instead of trying to pack it inside your carry on.


When you’re traveling with a traditional duffle bag, you have to bring a separate bag just for your computer. The padded laptop section of the Setout Duffle Bag has room for a 13” computer and a 9.7” tablet, plus all of your chargers. No need for a second bag.


Pare your toiletries down to the essentials to fit everything in your allotted quart bag. For carry ons, your liquids and gels must be in 3.4 ounce (or less) bottles. Those bottles must fit into a one quart plastic bag. Each passenger may only carry one such bag.

Pack your liquids bag in the front compartment or the top of your clothing in the main pocket for easy access when you’re going through security.

Use our packing list as a framework and add or swap items as needed.

What Else?

Your perfect carry on packing list will be different from anyone else’s. The only way to truly nail a carry on only travel style is to test it out and take notes on what worked, and what didn’t.

Was ditching the extra sweater a terrible idea? Do you think you could probably bring one less pair of shoes? You’ll never know until you’ve tested it out, taken notes, and then put those notes to the test the next time you travel. That’s the fun part.

Read more here about how we designed the Setout Duffle Bag to be an ideal mid-sized carry on for air travelers who want to stay organized and prefer to carry a duffle.