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Setout Backpack: Men's

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Setout Backpack: Men's

If you’ve tried dragging a suitcase with cheap plastic wheels over the cobblestone streets of Paris, you know why rolling luggage doesn’t work in a city.

Cylinder-shaped packs for "backpackers" aren't much better. Since you pack them from the top, like a garbage bag, they leave your stuff a jumbled mess. They're also too big to be carried onto a plane, so you’re stuck with checked bag fees, the hassle of baggage claim, and the stress of lost luggage.

Tortuga helps travelers avoid the cost and hassle of checking luggage with carry on sized travel backpack. 

Packs Like a Suitcase

The Setout travel backpack packs like a suitcase and carries like a backpack. 

In the large main compartment, you’ll find plenty of space for your essentials. It’s front loading like a suitcase for easy access. No more dumping everything you own for a wrinkled t-shirt! Plus, there are handy mesh pockets to keep small essentials safe and maintain organization on the road. 

The top loading laptop sleeve can fit a 17” laptop. Better still, it’s cushioned and positioned against your back to keep your laptop safe and sound. No more worrying about your clothes knocking into your laptop. 

The Setout is available in two sizes: 35L and 45L. The 35L is a maximum-sized international carry on. The 45L is a maximum-sized US carry on. Always check with your airline's carry on rules before flying. If you’re ordering a carry on sized backpack from us for the first time, check your airline’s rules before ordering. 

Carries Like a Backpack

The Tortuga Setout suspension system is inspired by the best part of a hiking backpack. 

Like a regular backpack, the Tortuga Setout features adjustable shoulder straps. Like a hiking backpack, it also offers a hip belt and load lifters on the shoulder straps to distribute weight for maximum comfort. 

This makes the Setout an easy carry on sized travel pack to carry with you. It has the size of a rolling carry on, but you won’t feel like you’re hauling luggage on your back. 

Secure and Convenient

We know what it’s like to be in the middle of a new place on your own. You need to carry your luggage with peace of mind and ease of access. 

We designed our bag based on everything we wanted to see in a travel backpack. You’ll find an accessible front compartment with a pocket for all your essential items, from sunglasses to your passport. All those items are protected by lockable zippers. 

Oh, and there’s a water bottle pocket that keeps your water bottle in place. You know. It’s the little things in life. 

We Help Travelers Prepare for Their Next Adventure

We think travel should be easy. We also think packing shouldn’t be a chore. If you agree, you’ve come to the right place. Customers who order carry on sized travel backpacks get a free carry on packing list. Send us your email, we’ll send your packing list. It’s that easy.

About Tortuga

About Tortuga

Childhood best friends Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen founded Tortuga in 2010. A backpacking trip to Eastern Europe inspired us to “scratch our own itch.” We couldn’t find the perfect travel backpack; so we made it.