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Luggage Accessories

Traveling carry-on-only is liberating but also challenging. You need the right luggage accessories to make your trip (and your life) easier. 

You need to stay organized. Carrying less luggage means that you have less margin for error. You need to know where everything is when you're on the go.

Your travel gear must also be carry-on-compatible. Packing carry-on-sized luggage won't matter if the TSA doesn't allow your fancy leather dopp kit through security.

You should be covered in any situation, including inclement weather.

Finally, all of your travel accessories should work together. Everything should be complementary to everything else and to your travel backpack.

The Tortuga Packing Cubes were made to keep your clothes organized and to fit perfectly inside the Tortuga Travel Backpack.

If you have any questions about Tortuga Backpacks' luggage accessories, email us.