Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen of Tortuga Backpacks

In 2009, we backpacked through Eastern Europe from Germany down to the islands of Croatia.

We were in our early twenties and broke, so we spent months saving up for the trip and weeks trying to find cheap flights to Europe. Once we booked our flights, we started planning the rest of the trip.

The hardest part was finding the right luggage. We knew we wanted backpacks. This was a backpacking trip after all. But which ones?

If we were spending over $100 on a bag, we wanted to find the perfect one. After asking friends, shopping at REI, and doing (way too much) research online, we couldn't find a bag that we loved.

Fred chose a typical backpacking bag by GoLite: tall and cylindrical. The bag turned out to be better suited to hiking than to traveling. It opened from the top. Whenever he needed something, Fred had to dump everything out then repack the entire bag. It was a constant headache.

To save money, Jeremy bought a used JanSport bag from Craigslist. His backpack was better designed for travel, but the shoulder strap broke on the very first day of the trip. From then on, he had to carry his bag by a single strap, which was extremely uncomfortable.

The trip was a blast, but our backpacks were a disaster.

We learned that the ideal travel backpack should be spacious but carry-on-sized. It should open from the front, like a suitcase, not from the top.

We were frustrated by the existing options. Travelers had to choose between wheeled suitcases, unsuitable for rugged city travel, and oversized, top-loading hiking bags made by outdoor companies.

The perfect travel backpack didn't exist. So we made it.

The Tortuga Travel Backpack is our flagship product. We designed it for urban travelers. The Tortuga is carry-on-sized, organized, and comfortable to wear.

We love it and proudly travel with it. We hope you will too.

Safe travels,

Fred and Jeremy

Co-Founders, Tortuga Backpacks

Giving Back

We've been lucky to travel all over the world. A trip to Europe led us to start Tortuga Backpacks.

Everyone should have the opportunity to see the world and to experience other cultures.

Traveling can be expensive, especially on a student's budget. To help young people travel, we founded the Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded biannually to passionate students who want to live and study in another country.

With every purchase you make at Tortuga Backpacks, you aren't just buying stuff for your own trip. You're also giving someone else the opportunity to travel. Thank you for your continued support in our charitable efforts.