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Location independence is the future.

Work won’t be a place you go, but a thing you do. From anywhere.→

Freed from an office, you'll work where you're most productive and live where you're happiest. Travel will become part of your life, not an escape from it.

Today, location independence can feel impossible. Your boss wants you in the office 50+ hours a week. Governments make relocating harder than it should be. Your friends and family don’t get it.

globe illustration Becoming location independent isn’t easy, but we can help. We’ve done it already.

Tortuga Co-Founders Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen in Prague

Our journey started in 2009. On a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe, we learned that most luggage isn’t great for city travel. Jeremy’s bag ripped on the first day, and Fred’s was a disorganized mess. We couldn't find the perfect travel backpack, so we made it.

Tortuga designs carry-on-sized luggage for city travel and publishes packing and gear advice so that you know what to bring and how to pack it.

View from a a café in Croatia

←We build gear to make travel easier for anyone who wants to live on their terms.

globe illustration Remote work is the first step to location independence, so we built Tortuga as a fully distributed company.

Our team works remotely and lives all over the world.→

At a company retreat in Lisbon, Portugal

Sharing values is more important than sharing an office.

globe illustration Our Values

Work On Our Terms

We are a distributed team. Everyone sets their own hours and chooses where to live and work.

Scratch Our Own Itch

We created our first product because we needed it. Every product that we make must solve a problem for city travelers. We will never slap our logo on a “me too” product just for the cash.

Prioritize the Customer

If you have a problem, we’ll do everything in our power to fix it. When you contact us, you are always speaking directly to a person with the authority and ability to solve your problem.

Build and Improve Systems

We use software and systems to help our team focus on what matters: product and people.

Tortuga's mission is to help you live on your terms.