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Carry On Backpacks

Experienced travelers fly carry-on-only. They always bring their bag on the plane and never pay to check luggage. 

Carry on backpacks let you travel fast and light. You'll have less to carry and less to worry about. You'll land, walk right past baggage claim, and get your trip started. Plus, you'll save $50 or more on every roundtrip flight. 

When shopping for a carry on bag, make sure it has these four features:

  1. Carry-On-Sized: Your carry on must meet your airline's rules for cabin luggage. A 40L bag should always fit, even on stricter budget, European, and Asian airlines. But always check with your airline before flying. 
  2. Comfortable to Carry: If you're going to carry your bag, it must be comfortable. Choose a pack with a weight-bearing hip belt and padded shoulder straps. The hip belt will help you carry the bag with your legs instead of your shoulders to prevent neck and shoulder pain.
  3. Easy to Pack: The ideal carry on is made for travel. Your bag should carry like a backpack but open like a suitcase for easy packing, access, and organization.
  4. Built for the Road: Finally, your bag should be tough enough to handle all of the adventures you'll be taking it on. Invest in the best.

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