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No-Hassle Returns

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Worldwide Warranty

What is a 40 Liter Backpack?

A 40L backpack is a medium to large-sized backpack specifically designed to fit carry-on allowances for most airlines, including budget and international carriers. You can expect it to hold enough clothing and other items for 1-2 weeks of travel.

What are the Benefits of a 40 Liter Backpack

Why Do I Need a 40 Liter Backpack?

Checked luggage can be a problem due to rising fees and growing instances of lost bags, and a carry on which is 40L or less is the solution.

Even if your bag does make it to your destination, you end up spending your vacation time waiting in baggage claim. 

Oversized checked bags are also uncomfortable and inconvenient to carry and wheel around. They’re too heavy and can be difficult to wheel over uneven surfaces like cobblestones.

The Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack offers the perfect travel bag solution. Designed to make the most of every square inch afforded to you by airline carry on luggage restrictions, it allows you to carry more clothing and gear in a compact package. 

Bags that are 40 liters fly free because they fit carry on limitations for all US airlines and many international carriers.

Since your bag won’t be checked you can start your adventure the moment you land. 

A 40 liter travel backpack is versatile because it packs like a suitcase while carrying like a backpack. The 40 liter size offers capacity similar to a duffel bag but with better organization.

Order your Tortuga Travel Backpack today and hit the road with an easy-to-pack carry on that offers unrivaled quick access and multi-day capacity.

  • Carry-on-compliant 40L backpack
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and hip belt
  • Back panel features secure laptop compartment

Best 40L Backpacks by Tortuga

The Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack is equipped with everything you want from a superior carry on. If you’re looking for a carry on that fits and organizes more stuff, offers greater comfort, and features outstanding design, you’ve found it.

No Baggage Fees

The Tortuga 40L is the ideal carry-on travel bag. Maximize the amount you can pack into a carry on without the fees and hassles associated with checking a bag. 

No fees, no waiting at baggage claim, no lost luggage. At the same time, it’s versatile enough to be used for day trips, weekend trips, or business trips..

Lighter Weight and Plenty Packable

The Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack doesn’t have any heavy metal wheels or handles, which can take up to 20% of the weight you’re allowed to carry on. 

That means more weight allowance for the stuff that matters to you. 

It’s a front-loading backpack with a roomy, quick-access main compartment with plenty of space for packing cubes, and boasts the most versatile organization features offered by any travel backpack including:

  • Side pockets for interior organization.
  • Mesh pockets so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • A top pocket panel containing many smaller internal pockets, perfect for organizing on-the-go items like passports, boarding passes, headphones, sunglasses, pens, and more.
  • Two convenient front pockets.
  • An exterior waterbottle pocket so that you never have to worry about hydration.

Unrivaled Comfort

Reviewers have praised the Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack for its excellent comfort. The well-padded shoulder straps and hip-belt make the bag comfortable enough to wear through hours of travel, and its light weight makes it the perfect women’s backpack while its adjustable harness ensures that it is perfect for both women and men.

Built for Laptops and Tech

The back panel is ideal for carrying and protecting all your electronics and chargers. It has a padded laptop compartment with a soft tablet sleeve as well as internal pockets for greater organization. The laptop compartment also offers easy access at TSA security checkpoints. All of this makes it the perfect business backpack for travelers who need laptop and tablet protection.

Anti-Theft Features

The Tortuga Travel Backpack has been designed with anti-theft features like lockable zippers and discrete styling so that you won’t look like a tourist.

Water-Resistant, Long-Lasting Materials

Thanks to its tough, waterproof sailcloth exterior, the Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack is highly water-resistant (so there’s no need for carrying and struggling with a rain cover) and built to last through years of travel.

What Reviewers Are Saying

  • TravelFreak calls it “one of the mightiest backpacks I’ve seen from one of the best backpack brands out there.” 
  • GearHacker named it “the Best One Bag Travel Backpack.”
  • Neverending Voyage deemed it the “Best Carry-On Backpack.” 
  • Outdoor Gear Lab declared that “there is no better option.”

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

Worldwide Warranty

You’re a traveler. That’s why we offer a Worldwide Warranty that provides coverage no matter where you are.

At Tortuga, we stand by our products 100%. If your backpack fails due to a defect, you can count on us to repair it, replace it, or refund your money (at our discretion), depending on product availability.

Read the full details of our Worldwide Warranty.

Free Shipping

You can forget about unexpected costs at checkout because Tortuga provides free shipping on all orders over $49. 

Read the details of our shipping here. 

Home Try-On Program

You never want to travel with a backpack that doesn’t feel great every step of the way. 

To ensure that you’re picking the right bag, we offer a Home Try-On Program so you can test your backpack before you commit to a purchase prior to your trip. Order your bag, and, if it doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, send it back within 30 days. We’ll pay for the return shipping and provide a 100% refund.

Tortuga Study Abroad Program

When you buy from Tortuga, you support the Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship which helps students achieve their dreams of exploring the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 40L Backpacks

How big is a 40 liter backpack?

  • A 40L backpack is any backpack that offers 40 liters (2440.95 cubic inches) of capacity in its main compartment or between several separate compartments. 
  • They usually have dimensions equal to 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters.

How much can I pack into a 40L backpack?

Does a 40L backpack fit laptops or tablets?

Does a 40L backpack count as a personal item in addition to a carry-on bag?

Does a 40 liter backpack count as a carry on bag for international travel?

  • Yes, with most international carriers you’ll have no issue carrying on the Tortuga 40L Travel Backpack. 
  • Check your airline’s carry on luggage size allowance before your trip.
  • Some smaller international carriers do have smaller carry on allowances, and in these cases the Tortuga 30L Travel Backpacks is an ideal option. 

Does your 40L bag come with a water bottle pocket?

  • Yes, the Tortuga 40L Travel Backpacks is equipped with two water bottle pockets.

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