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Materials and Hardware

Outbreaker Backpack X-Pac VX21 body fabric

Body Fabric: X-Pac Waterproof Sailcloth

X-Pac was originally developed as a technical sailcloth for racing boats. The X-Pac material is lightweight, durable, and waterproof making it perfect for a travel backpack meant to live through years of adventure.

We chose X-Pac rather than a traditional woven fabric so that your bag would be more water-resistant and wouldn't need an extra rain cover. You shouldn't have to buy and carry around another accessory just in case you might need it.


X-Pac waterproof sailcloth exploded diagram


X-Pac is made of four layers laminated together. An ultra-thin layer of PET acts as a waterproof membrane because it is a film, not a woven fabric. Sailcloth is also more durable than traditional materials, with abrasion resistance and fray prevention built right into the fabric.

We use two versions of X-Pac. The Outbreaker Travel Backpack and Laptop Backpack are made of VX21. The lighter weight Outbreaker Daypack and Packing Cubes are made of VX03.

Lining: Recycled Polyester

All Outbreaker Backpacks are lined with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. We work with REPREVE—the leader in recycled fibers—to turn plastic that would otherwise be thrown away into high-quality, durable fibers.

Below is a diagram of the process. Once the recycled yarn is spun, a mill weaves it into the finished fabric which we use to line our backpacks.

REPREVE recycled polyester process

Foam: Ariaprene

The visible foam in our bags' back panels and shoulder straps is Ariaprene—a high-performance foam engineered for tough workouts. You might have seen it in your favorite pair of athletic shoes.

Ariaprene wicks away sweat and doesn’t hold moisture. You'll stay cooler, drier, and less smelly even in humid, tropical climates.

YKK lockable zippers on Outbreaker Backpack

Zippers: YKK

Tortuga only uses best-in-class YKK zippers for durability, water-resistance, and security.

A travel backpack is only as good as its weakest component, and zippers are often the weakest parts of a bag. Cheap, low-quality zippers can distort and break. A broken zipper will ruin the backpack you invested in and trusted to travel the world with you.

We use PU-coated zippers for the best balance between water-resistance and usability. For maximum security, you'll find lockable zippers on the Outbreaker Backpack's main compartment, laptop sleeve, and front panel.

To see these materials and hardware in use, check out the Outbreaker Backpack and the rest of the Outbreaker Collection.