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What is a Women’s Travel Bag?

Women's travel bags are designed specifically for a female’s body, often by being lightweight and accommodating a woman’s bust. Women’s carry on bags are spacious enough to store a week of clothes and gear.

Travel Bags for Women

Some carry on luggage bags are designed with a thoughtless “one size fits all” approach that ignores women. Bags built with men in mind may be too broad across the shoulders, too tight along the bust, or too heavy for most female travelers. Women’s travel bags should be built to offer you need while acting as a carryall for all your essential items during travel. Don’t buy a women’s bag that focuses on the current moment’s trending style. Focus on timeless designs like Tortuga makes.

Ladies’ bags are notoriously difficult to shop for because it's hard to find a bag that will hold everything you need without being too bulky or too heavy. Bags with wheels and handles waste space and weight. The unnecessary hardware makes luggage too bulky for some women travelers. Don’t settle for a carry on that only holds as much as a daypack.

Women’s travel backpacks are easy to fit into an overhead bin but also offer the functionality and ergonomics of a standard backpack once you're out of the airport. The comfort, durability, and understated design of a Tortuga travel backpack make it a good choice for business or personal use.

Tortuga Travel Backpacks offer cabin-friendly travel bags for both men and women looking for the right mix of convenience, comfort, and style. 

  • Comfortable to carry without any strain
  • Easy to organize and pack
  • Equipped to protect electronics
  • Durable with thick, sweat-resistant foam padding

Best Women's Travel Bags by Tortuga

Travel Bags and Carry Ons Made for Women

A common problem with woman’s travel backpacks is the size of the bag. Large suitcase-style carry ons, leather travel bags, and even shoulder bags are not a great choice for ladies. Their bulky design and shoulder straps built for male travelers can lead to muscle aches or back problems while traveling.

Tortuga Backpack’s collection of women’s travel bags are designed for the modern female traveler thanks to the adjustable torso length and hip belts. This allows women to create the right fit for their body while still providing plenty of space for a local commute or larger travel adventures.

The top handles on our bags make them easy to pull out of overhead bins.

Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe in a Tortuga Carry On

Tortuga’s travel backpacks offer you functional carry ons designed to keep your belongings secure. Because all of Tortuga’s products are discreet, you won’t call attention to pickpockets and other thieves.

Our bags feature anti-theft compartments that keep your valuables safe from prying eyes. Our discreet designs help you blend into the crowd while exploring your destination. You won’t be an easy target like if you were carrying a quilted travel tote or canvas tote that ignores functionality.

Packs Light, Lives Large with a Carry On

One of the most common travel concerns from women is whether you'll be able to fit everything you need into a carry on bag. Establishing the balance between traveling light and traveling right is a challenge. But Tortuga gives you everything you need in carry on luggage.

Our bags cut out unnecessary weight by removing wheels and telescoping handles, which allows us to maximize storage space for carrying makeup bags, tote bags, and souvenirs. Spinner suitcases fail women by being hard to lift and difficult to drag over cobblestone streets.

Organize Everything You Need

The way you organize your travel bag is as unique to you as the way you wear your hair or color your nails. You might choose to use packing cubes or build a capsule wardrobe with travel-friendly clothes that don’t wrinkle. You can look at our Ultimate Carry On Packing List if you need some tips on what to bring and what to leave behind.

Whether you opt for a 30L or 40L carry on backpack or a smaller weekender bag, you can keep all your little things organized with our thoughtful pockets and compartments. Our front organizer panel takes away the anxiety of digging through your belongings in search of your passport or phone at the airport. Our hip belt pockets serve the same purpose as a fanny pack, keeping important possession on your hips.

Tortuga’s travel bags work well to keep your stuff organized even if you’re not traveling on international getaways. Our customers use our backpacks and all their organization as gym bags, overnight bags, or even weekender bags for shorter weekend trips. 

We have compartments for just about everything you can think of:

  • A padded compartment for electronics including a laptop sleeve 
  • Small pockets on the front of the bag for items like your wallet or your boarding pass
  • Two water bottle pockets on the exterior of the bag

The Perfect Carry On for Laptops

You’ve probably struggled to find a woman’s travel bag that keeps your stuff organized and stores your laptop safely. You need something with more organization and ergonomics than a holdall but that’s larger than a typical work bag. A Tortuga frontloading-backpack with a dedicated electronics compartment is what you need.

Because a laptop and its peripherals can add a lot of weight to a bag, the padded shoulder straps and adjustable hip belts that come with Tortuga’s women’s travel bags are crucial. Our travel bags are made of water-resistant materials to keep your electronics safe from sudden rain storms and other inclement weather while traveling. 

Are you tired of having no idea where your charger is after you pull out your laptop? Our travel bags offer a great solution to keep all your electronics together in one place. Our carry ons have a padded compartment for your laptop, a protective sleeve for your tablets, and even a pocket for your phone and chargers. All the functionality of a work bag with the versatility and ergonomics of a carry on travel backpack.

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

At Tortuga, we're in the business of making travel easier. Our women's bags are designed to be lightweight for easy carry and organized to keep all your stuff where you want it. But we also want to make the buying process as enjoyable as possible, too.

We're committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Travel Backpacks

What size backpack is best for a female to travel comfortably?

  • Women should carry a 30L or 40L travel backpack as a carry on.
  • Backpack sizes are measured in liters. The higher the liter, the bigger the backpack. 40L is considered the international maximum-sized carry on and maximizes your packing space regardless of airline.
  • Personal items are smaller, secondary bags that you carry on a plane. Personal items carry the essentials you want to access anytime and must fit under the seat in front of you. 
  • Carry on bags go in the overhead bin inside the cabin of a plane. In a maximum-sized carry on, you can carry everything you need for a week or more of travel. Maximium dimensions are around 22 x 14 x 9 in. 
  • Women should not use checked luggage, which is any bag that does not qualify as a carry on. Checked luggage costs extra money and regularly gets lost or delayed.

What are some packing tips for female travelers? 

  • The key to packing clothing is to find versatile essentials. Plan to mix and match your pieces and handwash your laundry.
  • Using packing cubes for clothing can also save more space and help to pack light.
  • Ziplock bags can also be used to store smaller toiletries and travel accessories in compact ways and prevent other items in your bag from damage due to accidental leaks. 
  • Create your own personal carry on checklist before your travels begin.

Are duffle bags good for traveling? 

  • Duffle bags are not ideal for extended journeys due to their shape and uneven weight distribution that maked them uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time and hard to fit into overhead bins.
  • Carry on travel duffel bags can also pass as a personal item if compact and within the right size guidelines
  • A travel duffle bag can work for travel if you know how to pack one right to take advantage of the space it offers and don’t mind carrying it around. 
  • Duffle bag is also sometimes spelled “duffel bag.”

What are benefits of carry on luggage over checked in luggage for women?

  • Using carry on bags allows for stress-free travel because you always have your bag with you. You never need to worry about losing your clothes or feminine products.
  • Ladies can use of a personal item to act as a toiletry bag or for packing their essentials without paying more in airline fees. 
  • Carry on bags also come with a discreet but comfortable design and streamlined, anti-theft security features for women.

What are benefits of travel backpacks over wheeled carry on luggage?

  • With the right travel backpack, you have unlimited mobility to walk around hands-free. Even the steepest or windiest stairs are no match for you.
  • Travel backpacks expand, unlike hard-sided luggage. Tortuga travel backpacks have specialized compartments for better organization
  • Travel backpacks offer up to 20% more space compared to carry on luggage with spinner wheels and telescoping or top handles.

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