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Travel Backpacks for Women

Women should prioritize size, comfort, and ease of packing when choosing a travel backpack.

  • Size: First, your travel backpack must be carry-on-sized so that you never have to check a bag. A 40L pack will max out your overhead bin space. If you're a light packer or worried about carrying a large bag, choose a smaller bag.
  • Comfort: Next, your bag must be comfortable. Even a carry on can get heavy when you max out the weight allowance and pack your computer and a pair of shoes. So choose a bag with a weight-bearing hip belt. The belt will take up to 80% of the weight off your shoulders so you can carry it with your strong leg muscles, not your shoulders.
  • Ease of Packing: Finally, you want a bag that's easy to pack. This is why top-loading hiking packs don't work well for travel. You want a front-loading bag that opens like a suitcase so you can see all your stuff at once, keep it organized, and grab just what you need.

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