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It’s the first day of your trip, and you’re ready to explore. Before heading out for a day of sightseeing, you grab everything you’ll need: a light jacket, a water bottle, your guidebook, and a snack for later. But what do you pack it in?

Your luggage is too big to carry around all day and has way more space than you need. A hiking backpack is ergonomic but disorganized. A carry on-sized travel backpack offers the best of both worlds, but it’s better suited to a long haul than a day trip. 

You need something smaller and lighter: a packable daypack made for short adventures. 

Features of a Great Packable Daypack

Drawstring and ultralight bags are lightweight but uncomfortable with zero organization. School or computer backpacks feel better on your back, but aren’t aren't optimized for air travel.

Travel daypacks blend the best features of ultralight day bags and fully featured backpacks. They’re lightweight, sized to carry a day’s worth of essentials, fit under the seat of an airplane, and comfortable enough to carry for a full day of sightseeing.

Packable daypacks should have many of the same features of travel backpacks, just consolidated into a smaller day bag. You may not need a front-loading backpack, since you won’t carry all your possessions, but you should have a secure space for your laptop and easily accessible pockets for your essentials, from your money to your water bottle. 

You should also get the same ergonomic features as a carry on sized travel backpack. Look for a hip belt, as this will help redistribute weight out of the shoulder straps. You don’t need the full weight distribution of full-sized travel backpacks since you’ll only carry a few necessities, but ergonomic details still go a long way in making your day trip enjoyable. 

Finally, look for a daypack with the same security features of carry on-sized travel backpacks. You may not carry everything you own, but you’ll still carry several items you can’t live without, like your laptop and passport. 

Tortuga Packable Daypacks Made by Nomads, for Nomads

You need more than just a daypack. You need a bag designed with the same attention to detail you find in your full-sized backpack so that you can pack efficiently. 

The Tortuga Outbreaker is a full-featured daypack for those looking to travel smart. You get premium organization with pockets for your tablet or laptop sleeve, a front organization pocket, and a key clip, all protected by YKK zippers. Weatherproof fabric with sweat-wicking material will help you outlast any surprise on your trip and a lay-flat design will help you pack down when you’re done. 

The Tortuga Setout is a pared down version of our best daypack. It gives you all the essential features you can’t live without—easy organization, zippered compartments, and a lightweight body with muted colors to help you blend in with commuters. 

As a seasoned traveler, you know that half the travel battle is being able to pack smart. With the Tortuga Outbreaker or the Tortuga Setout, your day trip can be just as organized and carefree as your longer trips.