How to Fit a Travel Backpack

Here's how to measure your torso to see if a travel backpack will fit before you order, and how to test fit once you receive your new bag. 

How to Measure Your Torso Before Buying

Before ordering a travel backpack, measure your torso to see if you fall within the range each bag is designed to fit.

Once you know your torso length, compare it to the bags' specs (found on each product page).


How to Test Fit When Your Bag Arrives

The first thing you do when you order a new pair of shoes online: try them on and walk around for a little while to test comfort and fit. Since no two pairs of shoes feel or fit the same, despite being the same size, it's important to test if they'll work for you.

The same concept applies to travel backpacks. Before traveling with a new bag, make sure to do a test run.

Step One: Pack the Bag

It's impossible to tell if your new travel backpack will be comfortable if you test it when it's empty.

In order to do a meaningful test fit, pack clothing in the main compartment and your laptop in the computer sleeve before putting on the bag. You don't have to pack exactly what you would on a trip, but make sure to pack approximately the same amount of stuff so the weight is as close to a real-world situation as possible. 

Step Two: Put it On

Put the shoulder straps on first, then clip the hip belt around your torso. 

Step Three: Adjust

Adjust the height of the shoulder straps by pulling on the webbing at the base of the foam sections.

Move the sternum strap up or down so that it's just below your collarbone, then tighten until the bag is taught against your body. Tighten the hip belt until it's snug, but not suffocating. The base of the hip belt should rest right on top of your hip bones. If it's too high or too low, it won't successfully transfer weight from your shoulders. Loosen the shoulder straps if the hip belt is too high, and tighten if the hip belt is too low.

Pull forward on the load lifter straps at the top of your shoulders.

Step Four: Walk Around

In order to tell if your bag will be comfortable enough for a long walk through a city to your Airbnb (or a sprint through an airport terminal), walk around for a little while. Pay attention to whether or not the hip belt is transferring weight from your shoulders, and see if anything is gaping or tugging.

If you have questions about travel backpacks that aren't answered on this page or the product pages, feel free to contact us. We'd love to help you have a great trip.