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Worldwide Warranty

World travel is rewarding but demanding. The logistics and hassles of travel can wear you down. Just think about what it does to your luggage.

Suitcases and most backpacks are ill-suited to traveling the globe. The road is rough, so you need luggage designed with your needs in mind. You need luggage that's convenient, organized, and carry-on-sized. Unless you like paying $50 airline baggage fees.

The ideal luggage will fit all your stuff, save you money, and otherwise get out of your way.

We learned the shortcomings of existing luggage on a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe in 2009. Despite hours research and multiple trips to REI, our backpacks were disappointments. Fred's tall, cylindrical bag was made for hiking. It was a huge hassle for traveling. Jeremy's used bag broke on the first day of the two week trip.

We couldn't find the perfect travel backpack, so we made it.

Tortuga Backpacks was founded in 2010 to give world travelers the luggage that they need to have a great trip.

Our bags are designed to make your trip easier. You have enough to worry about when you travel. Your luggage shouldn't be on that list. Your backpack should be a trusted, hassle-free travel companion that you'll carry for years.

Learn more about our carry-on-sized travel backpacks and luggage accessories at the links above. 


Happy Travels,

Fred and Jeremy

Co-Founders, Tortuga Backpacks