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The back of a travel backpack is hardly glamorous.

It withstands daily back sweat, whether from a blistering hot travel day or a sprint through the airport. It keeps you comfortable and provides a protective layer between your skin and your stuff. It won’t be the subject of your next Instagram and you probably won’t show it off to your friends.

The back panel might not be glamorous, but it must perform.

For the Outbreaker’s back panel and shoulder straps, we chose Ariaprene, a high-performance foam engineered for tough workouts. It might already be in your favorite pair of athletic shoes.

Ariaprene wicks away sweat and doesn’t hold moisture. You can carry the Outbreaker through any conditions - no matter how sweaty - without risking a stinky bag.

Say you’re walking through Bangkok, sweating buckets. Your shoulders and back start to itch, because your backpack’s straps irritate your shoulders. The problem isn’t your sensitive skin, it’s poorly chosen materials. Air mesh is a more common and cheaper foam used by most brands. It's probably the culprit when a backpack's straps irritate your skin. We avoided air mesh and chose Ariaprene instead.

Ariaprene is hypoallergenic and moves with your body instead of chafing. Wear a tank top -- or even wear the Outbreaker shirtless -- your skin won’t complain.

Learn about the Outbreaker's other components here.

Travel On Your Terms

We started Tortuga in 2009 so that we could live, work, and travel on our terms. The tools we make help you to do the same. The Outbreaker is designed to be the only luggage you need for your next city adventure - no matter how you travel.