Tortuga Outbreaker Size Guide: 45L vs 35L

This guide will help you decide which size Outbreaker backpack is right for you.

Both Outbreaker travel backpacks are designed to fit nearly everyone so you can choose based on your packing style, not your genetics. The Outbreaker collection’s adjustable suspension system conforms to your body. Move the shoulder straps up or down to find the best fit. Adjust the hip belt for a snug fit to take the weight off of your shoulders and to keep your back from aching. Remove the hip belt if you packed light and don’t need the extra support. The specs below show the ideal sizes for each backpack. The best way to tell if your backpack will fit is by measuring your torso. Torsos vary in Length, even between people of the same height. Here’s how to measure your torso.

Outbreaker 45L


The Outbreaker 45 is a maximum-sized carry on backpack that will fit on most airlines.

Torso Length

16–20” Torso length

Who Should Choose the 45L

Long-term travelers

If you’re packing for a long-haul trip, the 45 is probably for you. You’ll have enough room to bring everything you need for months (or years) on the road without checking a bag.

Max Packers

If you’re new to carry-on only travel, or like to bring a little more rather than just the bare essentials, the 45 is the right bag for your packing style.

Souvenir buyers

If you typically pack light, but buy things on the road, the 45 is for you. You’ll have plenty of room in your bag for art and souvenirs. Compress the bag with the straps when it isn’t full to stabilize the load.

Outbreaker 35L


The Outbreaker 35 is slightly smaller than the 45 and fits the strictest airline carry on limits.

Torso Length

16–19” Torso length

Who Should Choose the 35L

Budget airline flyers

If you frequently fly on budget airlines (like RyanAir), consider the Outbreaker 35. We’ve flown on budget airlines with the 45 without issue, but it’s technically breaking their rules. If you mostly fly on budget airlines, take shorter trips, and want peace of mind at the gate, the 35 is the way to go.

Minimalist packers

If you’re a minimalist packer, the 35 is probably for you, no matter the duration of your trip.

What Fits In The 45?

Products That Fit in Outbreaker 45L

What Fits In The 35?

Products That Fit in Outbreaker 35L
The best way to tell if your backpack will fit is by measuring your torso. Watch this video to learn how.
Based on your TYPICAL trip length and packing style:
Short Trip (1 week) Long Trip (2-4 weeks) Really long trip (1 month or more)
Average Packer 35 45 45
Average Packer + room for extras 45 45 35 or 45
Minimalist Packer 35 35
35 or 45
Minimalist Packer + room for extras 45 45 45

If you know which size is for you, you can learn more about the Outbreaker here.

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