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Free Shipping

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No-Hassle Returns

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Worldwide Warranty

What is a Business Backpack?

A business backpack is a bag designed for professionals who need to carry their laptops, files, portable electronics, and other business gear with them during their commute to and from work, or while working remotely.

Benefits of Business Backpacks

Most backpacks don’t look professional enough to fit in the workspace. 

When traveling for business you might find it challenging to fit everything you need into one bag while still looking professional and not like a tourist. 

Traveling with a backpack not designed to carry your laptop or tablet is uncomfortable and could end up with them getting damaged while traveling. 

Tortuga offers unique business backpacks specifically designed to be used as a carry on bag for wherever you fly and also fit in the boardroom.  

Whether you’re traveling across the country or to another continent, our travel backpacks are the perfect business travel companion. 

  • Combine functionality with a professional look
  • Fly internationally with just one carry on
  • Protect your electronics with padded, fleece-lined sleeves 

Best Business Backpacks by Tortuga

Travel Backpacks That Belong in the Boardroom

Whether your job requires you to take long business trips or just handle a daily commute, having the right bag can make all the difference. 

Our business backpacks combine style and organization. Own your trips to the office and meetings with Tortuga by your side.

Backpacks Made for Laptops

Business travelers need the best backpack that can stand up to the rollercoaster ride of traveling—one that will keep their devices safe without weighing them down. 

Our backpacks’ protective padding is designed to secure and evenly distribute the weight of your electronics without sagging or bouncing. We offer business laptop backpacks with zippered pockets and buckles and padded laptop sleeves to protect your electronics from any bumps or scrapes that could damage them. 

Carry Everything You Need Without the Extra Weight

Striking the balance between packing everything you need into one travel bag while not making it too heavy can be tough. That’s why we at Tortuga have designed our backpacks without wheels or telescoping handles because unnecessary hardware can waste up to 20% of your carry on weight limit. 

Tortuga backpacks are made for today's business travelers who are constantly on the go. We offer both 30L and 40L backpacks and those that can fit right under the seat. Our backpacks include compartments, side pockets, and dividers for all your essentials, including:  

  • Lockable, weatherproof zippers
  • The main compartment for all your electronics like your phone, powerbanks, and chargers
  • A secure and protected space for larger electronics like iPads and laptops
  • Smaller front pockets for pens, sunglasses, or small pouches
  • Flat front pockets for things you need to grab quickly, like your passport
  • Two external water bottle pockets  

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

Worldwide Warranty

We stand behind our products 100% because we believe in the quality of our bags and the craftsmanship that goes into making them. 

If you are not satisfied with your bag, reach out to us so we can make it right. 

Read about our Worldwide Warranty today!

Free Shipping

When you're buying something online and reach the checkout page, you might be surprised by the additional costs for shipping.


We don't add on a bunch of fees like airlines do. As long as your order is above $49, your shipping is guaranteed to be free.

Learn more about our shipping policies here.

Home Try-On Program

There’s nothing worse than being on a trip and having your luggage fail you. 

For anyone who has been on the road, you know how important it is to have the right bag for your travels. With a travel laptop backpack, one of the most important considerations for comfort and durability is how it fits your body. The best way to know if a backpack will work for you is to try it on. 

With our Home Try-On Program, you get a chance to wear the backpack and really experience how it feels in person. Experiment with different fits without making a commitment. If you would like to return the bag, you can do so within 30 days. We’ll cover your return shipping and give you a full refund.

Study Abroad Scholarship 

Tortuga aims to help you on your journey and make you feel good, not just in a physical sense, but also in an emotional one. 

There’s no doubt that travel broadens the mind, but not every student has the ability or opportunity to go off and see the world during college. 

To this end, we created our Study Abroad scholarship—a way to give back to aspiring travelers in the student community with every bag sold. We are also partnered with the Gap Year Association to power the personal development of students availing gap years. 

You can puff up your chest with pride knowing that when you buy Tortuga luggage, you’re not just buying a product—you’re funding a starry-eyed student’s trip abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Backpacks

Are travel backpacks professional enough for business?

What is the best gear for frequent business travelers? 

  • The best business travel gear depends on how far your travel is and the purpose of your trip.
  • Some must-haves include a backpack with a spacious front compartment and a water resistant build, electronics like portable chargers and earphones, and a portable hotspot. 

Is it okay to take a backpack to an interview?

  • Yes, you can bring a backpack to an interview as long as it’s not too large or distracting with colors or attachments.
  • Having a backpack will give you easy access to a notepad, your tablet, or a book to read while waiting for your interview.

Do backpacks damage suits?

  • Wearing a backpack with rough straps can ruin your suit due to constant friction. 
  • Backpacks with comfortable shoulder straps may put less pressure on your shoulders, reducing the risk of wear and tear. 
  • Alternatively, you can always pack your suit in your backpack and change into it once you’ve arrived at your destination. 

Do I need RFID protection when traveling for business?

  • There has still to this day not been a report of a single real-world crime that an RFID blocking product would have stopped. - Roger Grimes a data-driven defense evangelist at KnowBe4, told Digital Trends. 
  • You are much more likely to experience physical theft of your identity so protecting your bag and passport with a locking zipper and discreet looking bags is your best defense. 

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