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What is a Commuter Backpack?

A commuter pack is any backpack that is designed for daily trips to and from work or school. They usually prioritize comfort and organization and include a laptop sleeve.

Benefits of a Commuter Backpack?

Most backpacks fall short when it comes to commuting. A tote bag, duffel, or drawstring bag forces you to cram everything into a single main compartment, and they’re not comfortable enough to carry on a daily basis. A daypack, rolltop, or messenger bag might be more comfortable, but they don’t usually have a padded laptop sleeve to keep your computer and electronics safe.

Tortuga Commuter Backpacks offer the best elements from each of these in a single bag. Designed with comfort, organization, and protection in mind, they are versatile enough to be used as either a laptop bag for daily commutes or a travel backpack for longer trips.

What Reviewers Are Saying

  • Pack Hacker: “One of the most comfortable harness systems we’ve tested...Lots of internal organization...The quick access pockets and super handy and a great size for your essentials.”
  • Outdoor Gear Lab: “Ample padding, a highly adjustable harness system, and plenty of packing space...If your main concern is comfort, there is no better option out there.”
  • Travel Freak: “One of the best backpacks for city travelers...Compartments and pockets everywhere! There is a place for everything.”
  • Gear Hacker: “Impressive laptop pockets...The easy to access laptop pocket with additional cable storage is very easy to pack and access, which is a big win.”
  • The Savvy Backpacker: “It’s sleek, well-made, minimalistic, and designed specifically for urban travel.”

Order your Tortuga Commuter Backpack now and find out why reviewers say it’s the best bag for commuters who want comfort, organization, and protection.

  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Back panel includes secure laptop compartment
  • Water-repellent, durable exterior

Best Commuter Backpack by Tortuga

Whether you need a laptop backpack for daily commutes or a great piece of underseat luggage that doubles as a business backpack, the Tortuga Commuter Backpack delivers everything you’re looking for.

Lighter Weight

When you’re commuting to and from work or school on a daily basis, you want a bag that’s lightweight. Tortuga Commuter Backpacks are made of lightweight, durable materials, specifically avoiding heavy metal and plastic parts that can weigh you down.

Superior Comfort

Your daily commute should be as comfortable as possible, and reviewers have repeatedly declared that Tortuga makes the most comfortable backpacks on the market. Padded straps, a sternum strap, a breathable back panel, and a fully adjustable harness make the Tortuga Commuter Bag as comfy as they come. 

You can make sure that Tortuga offers the comfort you’re looking for thanks to our Home Try-On program. If Tortuga isn’t more comfortable and organized than your current backpack, send it back for a full refund.

Water Resistant

When rain is in the forecast, you need a bag that will keep your things protected over the course of your commute. Tortuga Commuter Backpacks are made out of weather-resistant sailcloth that will keep your things weatherproof day after day. This eliminates the hassle of stopping in the middle of your way to work to mess around with a rain cover.

Anti-Theft Features

It’s essential that you keep your laptop and other items secure from theft. That’s why Tortuga Commuter Backpacks include anti-theft features like locking zippered pockets, hearty slash-resistant materials, and sleek but subtle styling that won’t make you a target for thieves.

Secure Laptop Compartment

Keeping your laptop and other electronics protected from damage is essential. That’s why Tortuga backpacks feature a laptop compartment with a padded laptop sleeve capable of carrying and protecting a 15-inch laptop as well as a soft tablet sleeve for keeping iPads and other tablets safe. It also has pockets and dividers for keeping your charger and other gear organized so that you can easily find what you’re looking for on the go.

Front Loading Organization

You want your bag to offer unrivaled packability and easy access to anything you might need on your way to or from work. That’s why the Tortuga Commuter Backpack has a front-loading, roomy main compartment that is perfect for carrying a change of clothes, shoes, books, or whatever else you might need throughout your day. It’s also equipped with a variety of front pockets, side pockets, zip pockets, dividers, and water bottle holders that make it easy to stay organized.

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

There are several other reasons Tortuga is one of the bestsellers in the industry:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Commuter Backpacks

What are the features of an excellent commuter backpack?

  • Look for comfort, organization, and protection. That means finding a bag with well-padded shoulder straps and an adjustable harness, plenty of organizing features, and someplace to keep your laptop and other electronics safe from damage. 
  • Ideally, it will have a padded laptop sleeve and the functionality to double as a travel bag.

Do commuter bags carry laptops? How large of a laptop?

  • A quality commuter bag should have a laptop compartment of some kind. 
  • Tortuga backpacks have a well-organized laptop compartment in the back panel that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop.

What are the cons of using a crossbody or messenger bag?

  • While these types of bags can be comfortable for short periods, they’re not designed for comfort over the course of a long commute day after day. 
  • “With a backpack, the load is evenly spread,” says Alan Hedge, Ph.D., professor of ergonomics at Cornell. With a shoulder bag, it’s not. Too much weight on one shoulder means your back twists more to one side resulting in an uneven strain—and tension, pain, or even spasms.”
  • Look for a bag with backpack straps that will distribute the weight of your bag more evenly. This is doubly important for bike commuters and cyclists to improve balance while riding.

How to organize a commuter backpack?

  • A great commuter bag will facilitate organization by offering plenty of pockets, dividers, panels, and even water bottle pockets for keeping everything in place. 
  • When packing your backpack, keep items that you need most frequently in exterior pockets and easy access pockets. 
  • A change of clothes can be rolled and packed into the main compartment. Laptops, tablets, and other electronics go in the laptop compartment.

What size should a commuter backpack be?

  • A 30L Backpack is a great option as it isn’t too large while offering plenty of space for packing the items you’ll need throughout your day. The 30L is also the perfect size for women, though it will also fit men seeking a smaller bag size.
  • 40L Backpacks are typically too large for a commuter backpack and are better suited for use as a carry on.

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