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Free Shipping

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No-Hassle Returns

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Worldwide Warranty

What is a Laptop Backpack?

A laptop backpack is a bag designed to carry your computer and tablet. Having a good laptop backpack is important to protect your electronics and to make sure your back doesn’t suffer from its weight.

Benefits of Laptop Backpacks?

Laptop backpacks are usually too bulky and not convenient for people commuting.

The majority of laptop bags make finding what you want inside a pain.

Some of their laptop compartments are not padded enough risking your laptop during travel. Or they are too padded, adding unnecessary weight and taking up valuable space.

Not to mention that some don’t come with essential features.

  • Not water-resistant
  • No water bottle pocket
  • No key slot
  • No lockable zippers

With Tortuga laptop backpacks, your laptop is safe and snug with no need for an extra laptop sleeve.

  • The laptop compartment fits up to 16-inch laptop and 9.7' inch tablet
  • Still enough space to store things for your trip
  • Easy access organization pockets for things like chargers and tablet

Best Laptop Backpacks by Tortuga

Lighter To Carry More

Tortuga laptop backpacks cut out unnecessary weight by removing wheels and telescoping handles. This allows us to maximize storage space with its laptop compartment and organization pockets giving you more room to pack the essentials you need. The water bottle pocket is external and expandable, making sure you won’t get thirsty!

Comfortable To Carry

None of us are strangers to carrying a bulky laptop. The weight can get too much for your shoulders and back after just a few minutes of wearing poorly fitted shoulder bags. Tortuga laptop backpacks tackle this problem by giving plenty of padding on the shoulder straps.

Not enough? We have a sternum strap to balance the weight.

Need more features? There are top and side handles, so you can grab it whichever way you want.

Still want more? The back panel is breathable with sweat-wicking foam. The luggage pass-through feature lets you slot it over a suitcase handle so you won’t even have to carry it.

Not Afraid of Water

Water is the enemy of laptops and no one wants their expensive electronics to get soaked. Tortuga travel bags are water resistant.

The zips are also water-resistant, so just don’t dunk your bag underwater and your things will stay dry inside.

Their durable, waterproof sailcloth not only makes sure your things remain dry, but it is also rip-proof and tear-proof.

Anti-Theft Features

Traveling can be stressful, and tourists and tired commuters often become targets for thieves. The understated and simple style of Tortuga bags not only help you blend in but also come with many anti-theft features.

  • All pockets are zippered
  • Lockable zippers
  • Rip-proof and tear-proof material
  • Secure electronics compartment for your gadgets

Built For the Commute

At Tortuga we understand that commuting is painful. Our commuter backpacks are designed to make life easier, not harder.

  • Dedicated laptop compartment to keep it safe in transit
  • Lockable zippers so you can enjoy your commute with peace of mind
  • Waterproof fabric to protect from spills
  • External water bottle pocket for access to a water bottle and keeping items inside safe from spillage
  • Padded straps and sternum strap for comfort

Perfect For Business

Finding a good business backpack can make your working life a lot easier. The simple and minimalistic design of Tortuga Laptop Backpacks means it also fits right in at business meetings. It’s versatile and perfect as a daypack or a travel laptop backpack as well.

The front organization pockets alone can guarantee easy access to your stationery. And it keeps your laptop and tablets safe.

Handy Organization Pockets

A good travel backpack helps you pack things efficiently in an organized way. All of the travel bags at Tortuga are front loading. And the laptop backpack has even more handy features.

  • 3 front pockets
  • flat pocket with key slot
  • flat front pocket
  • secure electronic compartments
  • spacious main compartment
  • external water bottle side pocket

Built For Carry On

Your laptop backpack shouldn’t only be good for commuting, it should be good for all traveling. It is perfect as a carry on bag to go on the overhead bin or under your seat on a plane.

If you need more room, there are also our 30L backpack and 40L backpack.

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

Free Shipping

One of the most annoying things when online shopping is finding out the hefty shipping fee when you check out.

No matter where you are in the world, we’ll ship our bags to you for free on all orders over $49.

See our full shipping details here.

Worldwide Warranty

We understand that when you buy a travel bag, you’re looking to travel.

We built these bags for travel and we believe in them 100%. This is why Tortuga gives you a worldwide warranty. Because things happen when you travel and we would hate to see you struggle because of a defect.

Our warranty covers any defect in material and craftsmanship for as long as you own your bag. If that happens, simply get in touch and we’ll repair it, replace it, or refund you.

Read the full details of our Worldwide Warranty.

Home Try-On Just For You

Sometimes you are not sure if you like something until you try it out. We get it. The last thing we want is for you to get stuck with a bag that is not right for you. So we have the Home Try-On option.

You can try how it feels on your back and test it out for a mock pack. If it’s not a good fit, simply request a return within 30 days and we’ll pay for the postage and refund you.

Read the full details of our Home Try-On Program.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Do you want to travel and are in college? We believe young people deserve to travel the world. If you are a US citizen and enrolled in a college that offers study abroad programs, you can apply for Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship.

We give our 1000 USD scholarship and a travel bag twice a year. Read the full details of our Study Abroad Scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Backpacks

Does the Tortuga Laptop Backpack hold laptops up to 17 inches?

Can you buy a TSA or checkpoint-friendly laptop bag?

  • TSA Compliance only applies to liquid amount. Your laptop just needs to be ready for inspection.
  • Tortuga backpacks have a lay-flat laptop compartment to fly through security more quickly.
  • Read more about packing to be TSA-compliant.

Is there a shoulder bag version of your laptop bag?

  • Currently Tortuga does not have a shoulder bag version but there are several ways to carry these bags.
  • Backpacks are much better as laptop bag because of all the weight.
  • The side handle allows you to carry it another way.
  • The luggage pass-through also gives you a hands and shoulders free way to carry it.

What makes a good laptop backpack for women to use for travel?

What are the cons of a roller laptop bag?

  • A roller laptop bag has extra weight from the wheels, which is undesirable when you need to carry it or use it as a carry on.
  • The wheels are also not useful in busy commuting time as it’s too crowded for you to roll it. And your laptop will be close to the ground and the feet of other commuters.
  • See the carry on cheat-sheet for the requirements on flights. We’ll explain why roller laptop bags aren’t as good.

Is it safe to carry a laptop in a backpack?

  • It is much better to carry a laptop in a backpack than in a tote, duffel, messenger bag, or in checked baggage. Most importantly, there needs to be a laptop compartment.
  • Your laptop size can affect whether it would fit in your bag. In general, 15-inch laptop travel best.
  • Read more about packing your laptop as a carry on here.

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