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Suitcase Backpacks

When traveling abroad, you need a backpack that opens and packs like a suitcase, not a backpack with wheels and a handle. Those backpack/suitcase hybrids are the worst of both worlds. They're heavy, uncomfortable, and waste your packing space. The wheels and handle use 20-40% of your carry on weight limit and eat into your bag's packing space. 

The solution is a backpack-suitcase hybrid. These made-for-travel bags pack like a suitcase but carry like a backpack. 

Packs like a suitcase. Opens to the side, like a suitcase or a book, so you can easily see, reach, and organize all your stuff.

Carries like a backpack. Comfortable to carry thanks to a hiking-style suspension system. Look for cushioned shoulder straps and a weight-bearing hip belt. The belt will take 80% of your bag's weight off your shoulders and put it on your hips. Then you can carry your bag with your stronger leg muscles, no wheels needed.

The perfect suitcase backpack should open wide for easy access and carry comfortably. You don't need to waste your weight or space allowances on plastic wheels and a handle.