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What Is a Men’s Travel Bag?

A men’s travel bag is typically a carry-on-sized backpack that has been designed to comfortably fit a larger male frame.

Benefits of a Travel Bag for Men

While carry on luggage options like a duffel bag, weekend bag, or commuter shoulder bag will suit most airline carry-on size restrictions, they don’t offer the travel-oriented organization and comfort found in a quality men’s travel bag.

A travel backpack is specifically designed to help organize everything you need for your trip, not only to ensure that it’s all easy to find on the go but to help maximize the amount of clothing and gear that you can carry on. This allows you to avoid the expense and hassle of checked luggage so you can arrive at your destination and start your adventure immediately.

Tortuga Travel Backpacks are the perfect solution for travelers because they combine the easy packing and access of a suitcase with the comfort and portability of a travel backpack. They’re large enough to comfortably fit a man’s body but compact enough to fit in the overhead bin.

What Reviewers Are Saying

  • GearHacker named the Tortuga Travel Backpack “Best One Bag Travel Backpack.”
  • TravelFreak said, “I’m willing to make the claim that this really could be the best backpack for traveling.”
  • The Broke Backpacker explained that the Tortuga Travel Backpack is for you “if you are looking for a modern, efficient bag that can pack a ton of stuff.”
  • GearLab declared that "there is no better option out there.”

The Tortuga Travel Backpacks are in stock now, so order yours and start traveling with the best travel bag for men who seek comfort, organization, and maximum capacity.

  • Carry on compliant
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Back panel features secure laptop compartment

Best Men’s Travel Bag by Tortuga

Whether you’re looking for a great piece of underseat luggage, a business backpack, or a travel backpack, the Tortuga bags for men offer the full suite of features you need.

Men’s Travel Bag Features of Tortuga

Tortuga Travel Backpacks allow you to make the most out of every square inch afforded to you by airline carry-on limitations. They offer the durability of a leather travel bag with less weight thanks to their lightweight sailcloth material.

Laptop-Friendly Bags

Tortuga men's backpacks boast a laptop panel that rests against your back to provide greater protection for your computer. Inside the panel are a protective laptop sleeve, a soft tablet sleeve, and several pockets for organizing chargers and other electronics. This makes them the perfect laptop bag.

Smart Design

Design elements like top handles, well-padded shoulder straps, and a water-resistant exterior make the Tortuga men's bags convenient, comfortable, and durable. They have forgone a dedicated shoe compartment, which wastes a lot of space, and instead offer a large main compartment that provides plenty of room for shoes, clothing, and travel accessories.

Superior Organization

Thanks to their outstanding organization, the Tortuga men’s backpacks allow you to eliminate the need for several separate bags. Forget about carrying a toiletry bag, dopp kit, gym bag, garment bag, tote bag, and hand bags. Tortuga combines them all into a single piece that’s roughly the size of an overnight bag.

Anti-Theft Features

Locking zippers, a tough exterior shell, and discrete styling make the Tortuga men's travel bags a smart pick for an anti-theft bag.

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

There are several other reasons Tortuga is an industry best seller:

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Travel Backpacks

What size backpack is best for travel?

  • That depends on factors like how long you’ll be traveling and the reason for your trip. 
  • Our 30L travel backpacks offer a similar capacity to a weekender duffel, which makes them ideal for a 3-7 day trip for business or a quick getaway. 
  • Our 40L travel backpacks maximize the amount you’re allowed in a carry-on bag and can hold enough clothing and supplies for over a week. 
  • Use a packing list to ensure that you have everything you need.

How to pack a backpack for traveling?

Are duffel bags good for traveling?

  • Whether you have a carry on duffel, a weekender duffel, or a classic canvas duffle, you’ll find that all travel duffle bag tends to fall short in terms of organization. 
  • A small duffel bag  (sometimes called a crossbody bag) can be a decent choice for a personal item, but it’s essential that you pack them well so that you don’t have trouble finding things while moving through the airport.

Benefits of carry on luggage over checked in luggage?

  • With a carry on, there are no fees, no worrying about lost luggage, and no waiting at baggage claim before starting your vacation.

Benefits of travel backpacks over wheeled carry on luggage?

  • Wheeled carry ons are built with a lot of heavy metal and plastic, increasing their weight and decreasing the amount of stuff you’re allowed to bring on the plane.
  • They also have considerably fewer organizational features than Tortuga backpacks.

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