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Travel Duffle Bags

Find the Best Travel Duffle for You

Outbreaker Packable Duffle

Outbreaker Packable Duffle

The flat-pack duffle for luggage overflow

$45 $75

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Setout Duffle Bag

Setout Duffle Bag

The mid-sized carry on duffle for bringing a laptop


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Homebase duffle case

Homebase Duffle Case

The ultralight, maximum-sized carry on duffle bag

$135 $225

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Travel duffle bags are ideal choices for trips that require a little extra packing space. They're easy to carry, especially alongside a travel backpack, and allow for extra space without the hassle of wheels.

Use the Outbreaker packable duffle as a personal item on the airplane. It's great for in-flight essentials, luggage overflow, and souvenirs you picked up on the road. If you only need it for one leg of your journey, pack the duffle flat inside your carry on bag.

If you need a full-sized carry on duffle, the Homebase duffle case is for you. It's shaped like a trunk for maximum internal space and carries like a duffle for comfort and agility. Best of all: it weighs less than two pounds.

Both duffle bags are made from waterproof sailcloth, weather-resistant YKK zippers, and Duraflex buckles for durability and protection.