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Common Decency Guarantee

Getting Help

Tortuga is a small business. We live and die by our reputation. If you have a great experience with a Tortuga product, we're both happy.

All of our products are built to last. But, stuff happens.

If you have a problem, let us know, and we'll do our best to fix it. We trust that you aren't trying to cheat us. We hope to earn the same trust and respect from you. When something is wrong, we'll work together to make it right.

Tortuga was founded in 2010 by two travel lovers who have been friends since childhood. We—Fred and Jeremy—grew up together just north of Pittsburgh. We created our first product to "scratch our own itch." We couldn't find the perfect travel backpack; so we made it.

When you email us with a question or problem, you'll get a prompt response from a member of our Concierge Team who has the authority and ability to fix your problem.

You won't get the runaround. You'll get help.

We aren't hamstrung by layers of management and bureaucracy. We're free to do what's right for you. If you have a problem, tell us. We'll fix it.

Now, to make the lawyers happy (or at least as happy as lawyers get), here are the full details.

Our Warranty

To the original owner, the Tortuga warranty guarantees against defects in materials and craftsmanship for as long as you own the product. If your product fails due to a defect, we will repair it, replace it, or refund your money (at our discretion), depending on product availability.

Defects are uncommon and are typically found in the first few uses of your product. If something is wrong, you'll realize it pretty quickly.

Tortuga products are durable but not immortal. We all get attached to our bags, but nothing lasts forever.

Most travelers replace their luggage every few years. Barring a defect, your Tortuga will easily handle all of your adventures during that time.

Why Bags Break

The most common point of failure on a bag is the zipper. That's why we use YKK zippers. YKK is widely acknowledged as the best zipper in the business.

Another common failure point is the fasteners. That's why we use Duraflex buckles. You'll hear a satisfying 'click' when you buckle up your bag.

If you've had problems with backpacks in the past, the manufacturer probably tried to save a few pennies on zippers and buckles. Most people don't notice shoddy build quality or cheap components until something breaks. By then, your warranty has expired, and you can't return your bag. The corporate bad guys have won.

Skimping on components is short-term thinking. We're in this for the long haul. Spending a few more dollars to make each bag will result in a better product. The investment will pay off in the long run because your backpack will last longer, you'll like it more, and will tell your friends about it.

We spend the money to build a product that we can be proud of and that travelers will love. We don't just sell backpacks, we carry them on every trip we take.

What is Not Covered

The Tortuga warranty does not cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, negligence, or accident. "Normal wear and tear" includes the damage to zippers and buckles that is expected due to normal use over time. All fabrics are subject to fading, tearing, or pilling with extended use. These are not defects.

Even the most durable products will need to be replaced eventually. For these cases, we have partnered with Rainy Pass Repair so that you can send your bag to an expert for any necessary repairs.

This warranty does not cover consequential damages or losses. Tortuga products are designed to protect your gear, but we are not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the contents of your bag. This warranty is limited to Tortuga products, not anything that may be carried in them.

This warranty excludes implied warranties including, but not limited to, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Please contact us with any questions or problems.