Trunkster Suitcase vs Tortuga Outbreaker

Skip The Wheels

Wheels or no wheels?

Let’s start with the most obvious difference between Trunkster and Tortuga travel backpacks.

Wheeled suitcases are great for smooth surfaces found in airports or office buildings. They’re not okay on 99% of the other surfaces found in the real world.

Think about cracked sidewalks, bumpy cobblestone, and gravel paths. That's what you'll see when you travel the world. You don't want to drag wheels over those surfaces.

If your travels bring you from South America’s dirt roads to Europe’s charming towns or Southeast Asia’s sundrenched beaches, you need a travel backpack. Not a rolling suitcase.

Backpacks, like the Tortuga Outbreaker, allow you to navigate any surface, including mountain climbing should inspiration hit you to retrace the steps of the von Trapp family fleeing over Austria’s mountains to safety. Or you can safely sprint for the last train into downtown Rome and a good night’s rest at your hotel.

Zero Organization

Trunkster’s “crown jewel is a sliding rolltop door” that unrolls to a vast, cavernous space hungry to gobble up your clothes, gear, and charging cords.

Trunkster has zero internal organization. It is one huge, empty space hopelessly begging for a compression strap or interior pockets to save it from itself.

When you open your bag after a day of travel, you'll find a mess in your Trunkster. Your clothes will be wrinkled, and your gear will be disorganized.

Want a better option? Pick Tortuga Outbreaker as your travel companion. We understand the difficulties of staying organized on the road, so we designed a bag that makes it easy for you.

Unzip Outbreaker and find an organizer’s dream come true. The inside flap has two zippered mesh pockets eager to wrangle order into your t-shirts, workout clothes, or collared shirts. Four zippered pockets line the larger compartment, perfect for underwear, socks, swimsuits, and tank tops.

What About Electronics?

Say buh-bye to the idea of one-bag travel when traveling with the Trunkster. It’s impossible thanks to a design flaw: no place to put your laptop.

Trunkster offers flashy USB charging on the go, but fails give you a safe place for your laptop to travel.

Instead, you’ll have to buy a well-padded protection sleeve for your laptop, find a secure place in the giant cavern of Trunkster’s interior, and cross your fingers that your most-expensive gadget won’t emerge in several pieces at your destination.

When you're going through security at the airport, you'll have to unpack the organization-free Trunkster to fish out your laptop. You'll then have to repack everything. Your clothes will get extra wrinkled twice at the airport alone.

Compare this miserable experience to the Tortuga Outbreaker’s luxurious electronics suite at the back of this backpack. Think of it like your office away from office.

Three mesh zippered pockets eagerly await your charging cords, power strips, and portable USB drives. The other flap has a fleece-lined sleeve for your laptop and tablet. At security checkpoints, unzip this electronics section, lay flat on the conveyer belt, walk through, zip back up and away you go.

It’s really that easy.

Best of Both Worlds

An ideal travel bag would combine the best of a suitcase and the best of a backpack.

Suitcases are more accessible and organized than most backpacks, meaning you can grab anything out of your bag without moving its entire contents. However, backpacks perform well in any environment—not just an easy-to-navigate one with smooth surfaces, like an airport.

We took the best features of backpacks AND suitcases like Trunkster when we designed the Outbreaker backpack. This backpack is organized, comfortable, durable, and carry on sized. Sounds like a winning combo.