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Setout Divide Backpack: Men's

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Setout Divide Backpack: Men's

For light packers and short trips, a full-sized carry on is too much bag. You need something compact with enough packing space for the essentials.

The Tortuga Setout Divide is just the right size, whether you’re packing light for a weekend or a week.

Expand the backpack from 26L to 34L for extra packing space when you need it. Use the two-compartment layout to separate your clean clothes from dirty (or large pieces from small) to stay organized en route.

To quote a fan from Gear Patrol, “This Weekender Backpack Made Me Want to Stop Using My Rollaboard.”

Packs Like a Suitcase

A carry on is too much bag and is difficult to maneuver. A hiking backpack is ergonomic but has the organization of a trash bag. One bag travel shouldn’t involve hauling an unwieldy suitcase or unpacking everything on your person to find your last clean pair of socks. 

The Tortuga Setout Divide is a travel backpack that’s made from the experiences of seasoned travelers like you. 

It’s carry on-sized, so you don’t need to worry about checked bag fees. You get a main compartment that opens from the front like a carry on so you can see everything you packed at once. The top-loading back compartment is perfectly sized to fit a laptop and tablet. 

Then there’s the front compartment, which gives you easy access to essentials like your passport, credit cards, notebook, and pens. All of it is protected by lockable YKK zippers, so you can always travel without fear of pickpockets. 

Carries Like a Backpack

Hiking backpacks don’t pack well, and nothing shouts tourist like walking in the middle of a city street with a hiking backpack. Still, they have one advantage as travel backpacks: ergonomics. 

The Tortuga Setout Divide gives you all the ergonomic features of a hiking backpack without a neon sign announcing you as a tourist. It carries like a hiking backpack, but it doesn’t look like one. 

The removable hip belt works like a hiking backpack to distribute weight in your legs instead of your shoulders. That way, your shoulder straps won’t bother you no matter how far your travels take you. 

Tired of lackluster shoulder straps? Don’t worry—even if you’re not in the mood for the hip belt, the compression straps will still keep your shoulders happy for the whole day. Plus, you can tuck the shoulder straps away to use the pass-through sleeve. 

Bring the Joy Back to Travel

Whether you’re a digital nomad or a veteran daytripper, you know that the joy of experiencing somewhere new is unlike anything else. You also know that the right travel bag can make your trip that much easier. 

Tortuga was founded by two travel lovers who had been friends since childhood—and both experienced the pain of the wrong luggage. During a backpacking trip around Eastern Europe, Jeremy’s shoulder strap broke on the first day, and Fred’s huge backpack had to be checked. 

They looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find bags that met the needs of real travelers. They decided to build quality travel backpacks that they and other travelers wanted to see. 

So if you’re tired of traveling with bags that aren’t made for real travelers, it’s time to give the Tortuga Setout Divide a try.

About Tortuga

About Tortuga

Childhood best friends Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Cohen founded Tortuga in 2010. A backpacking trip to Eastern Europe inspired us to “scratch our own itch.” We couldn’t find the perfect travel backpack; so we made it.