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Outbreaker Packing Cubes


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Keep your clothes neat and organized. This set of three packing cubes is designed to work perfectly with the Outbreaker backpack.

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Durable packing cubes for organized travelers


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No more mess

Keep your clothes neat and organized. Separate your shirts from your socks and your socks from your underwear. You never have to look for anything. You already know where it is: in its cube.

The Outbreaker packing cubes come in a set of three: two small cubes that are ideal for socks, underwear, and tees and one larger cube for other clothes. All three have a mesh front panel so that you can quickly see what you packed in which cube.

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Last as long as your luggage

Some brands treat packing cubes like a commodity. They make low-quality cubes with cheap fabrics and flimsy zippers that break the first time you overstuff the cube.

Well-made cubes won’t break after every trip. The Outbreaker packing cubes are made from waterproof sailcloth, a strong but lightweight fabric that won’t rip or tear. Double pull YKK zippers let you reach inside your cube without completely opening it. If the cube is packed to the brim, you can open the zippers just enough to slip one more thing in or out.

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Pack and unpack quickly

Packing cubes (like backpacks) are impossible to pack without structure. If the material is too soft, the sides collapse. You don’t have any resistance to pack against so you can’t fit as much as you want. We heard this complaint about all-mesh and silnylon packing cubes.

The Outbreaker packing cubes’ sailcloth has structure, but isn’t too thick or heavy. The cubes are also outlined with piping that helps to give them shape for easy packing.