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What are Water-Resistant Backpacks?

Water-resistant backpacks are made from waterproof fabric to keep your belongings safe from water damage when traveling. Water-resistant means that water will not damage the bag but may penetrate the material if submerged in water for an extended time, whereas waterproof means that no water absorption will occur when submerged.

Benefits of Water-Resistant Backpacks?

Imagine you’re commuting or out enjoying your latest vacation when suddenly it starts to downpour rain. Water penetrates your bag, soaking the pockets within your backpack, and ruining all of your valuables.

The difference between a water-resistant bag and a regular travel bag lies in the level of protection they give you from unpredictable weather. 

The best waterproof backpacks are made of waterproof materials engineered to prevent liquids from getting into the bag, giving you the peace of mind you need to travel. If you’re traveling with a laptop backpack, you can keep your important documents, electronics, and other sensitive items safe from the threat of water damage.

Tortuga Backpack’s unisex collection of water-resistant bags promises to keep the rain and weather at bay.  

  • Water repellent dry packs for stress-free travel
  • Travel backpacks with waterproof compartments and side pockets 
  • Comfortable carry on options with adjustable straps and buckles 
  • Water-resistant YKK zippers and seals

Best Water-Resistant Backpacks by Tortuga

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

For any traveler or commuter, one of the biggest pains is having a backpack that can’t handle the elements when dealing with lots of humidity and unpredictable rain showers. 

Having waterproof gear that’s ready against anything the weather throws at you is essential for travelers and daily commuters. 

At Tortuga, we've merged waterproof materials with an appealing aesthetic for your bags. Whether you cycle to work or backpack frequently, you can rely on our bags to work—no matter the weather conditions.

An All-in-One Travel Companion 

The world is full of backpacks, but finding one backpack that can go from being a stylish boardroom bag to your daypack for routine activities can be a challenge.

Whether you are traveling for business or hitting up the national park, our range of multi-functional water-resistant backpacks may be the perfect choice for you. 

Our backpacks are also designed for long flight travels, acting as the perfect carry on companion to fit under the seat in front of you.

Hassle-Free Organization 

Having a cluttered backpack can be frustrating, no matter the purpose of your trip. You might even accidentally spill the water bottles you’re carrying with you if you don’t pack properly. 

Our line of water-resistant backpacks come in both 30L and 40L capacity with plenty of pockets designed to keep your things packed safe and dry. 

Tortuga’s packable front loading bags offer compartments with large capacities for all your essentials: 

  • The main compartment with padded laptop sleeves for your laptop and other electronic devices 
  • Two front pockets for sunglasses or passports
  • Lockable, theft-protection zippered pockets  
  • A water bottle holder 

A Comfortable Fit

Backpacks that don't fit well with the shape of your body can strain your back and damage your posture. 

Our water resistant backpacks will make staying out in the rain, commuting in harsh weather, or sight-seeing in rainy regions much more enjoyable because they have:

  • Soft foam-padded shoulder straps
  • A removable hip belt that reduces strain by 80% for your shoulders
  • Sweat-absorbant breathable back panels 

Benefits of Shopping Tortuga

Tortuga Backpacks are designed to keep your travel gear safe and dry, even in the harshest conditions. 

Our bags are made with careful attention to detail for both men and women and feature a host of high-end features. The result is the ultimate backpack for traveling, hiking, biking, or just relaxing around town.

Tortuga strives to make sure you have a great experience with our products through the following benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions About Water-Resistant Backpacks

What are the differences between waterproof, water-resistant and rainproof bags?

  • Waterproof bags are made of fabric that keeps liquids from soaking through by being more tightly sealed and are ideal for when you plan to be around water, such as while rafting or going scuba diving. 
  • Water-resistant bags are made of dense fabrics that do a better job of keeping water out but only for limited periods of time and are best used by regular travelers or commuters who want to be best prepared for any weather changes.
  • Rainproof bags is an umbrella term for weather-resistant bags and includes both waterproof bags and water-resistant bags. 

What materials are used for waterproof backpacks?

  • Polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane are used as a coating on top of backpacks to make the fabric waterproof. 
  • All materials need to pass a submersion test and the fabric is sewed with a tight weave, creating a barrier that keeps water out.
  • The materials also have a closed seam to keep the waterproof backpack’s contents secure. 

Do you need a waterproof backpack for travel?

  • A water-resistant backpack is an excellent choice if you're going to be traveling during the monsoon season or visiting countries with tropical, highly humid climates like Thailand or Malaysia. 
  • To make a backpack waterproof it takes a lot of extra fabric and is not designed for regular travel. If you have water activities as part of your tourist itineraries, such as water rafting or boating you should get a waterproof bag.

Do my tote bags and duffle bags need to be waterproof?

  • Duffle bags and tote bags are two of the most versatile and multipurpose bags out there so if you are using yours for outdoor or water activities a water-resistant fabric will be helpful. 
  • If you’re using your duffel as a hiking backpack in an area with unpredictable weather, water-resistant bags are recommended but don’t need a waterproof bag.
  • When you’re running errands during the rainy season, having a water-resistant tote bag will give you one less thing to have on your list to remember. 

How do you protect your bag from the rain while traveling?

  • Investing in bags made of high-quality waterproof fabrics can protect your belongings from suffering damage when it rains without having to mess with using a rain fly.
  • Your top picks should include bags with coated zippered pockets as they prevent the water from penetrating through the zippers and damaging the inner contents. 
  • Don’t rely purely on your backpack’s fabrics, and make it a best practice to carry an umbrella to keep yourself dry as well. 
  • Ensure you maintain your bag by cleaning and washing it the right way so the waterproof fabric remains intact and undamaged.

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