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Waterproof Backpacks

If you're traveling somewhere tropical like Southeast Asia or rainy like London, you might be shopping for a waterproof backpack. 

A truly waterproof bag can be submerged underwater without letting in any water. Think of the dry bag you might take on a boat. Those bags are made of a heavy, rubbery material and must be rolled up and clipped closed on the sides.

Dry bags are perfect for keeping your stuff dry when you're on the water. But they're heavy, hard to open, and have zero organization, so they aren't good travel bags.

Instead, you want a water-resistant bag to protect you from the rain that's easy to open and has plenty of organization.

When traveling, weather-proof is more important than waterproof.

The Tortuga Pro collection of backpacks is made of SHELL200 waterproof sailcloth, originally developed for racing boat sails, with coated, water-resistant YKK zippers. This combination of material and hardware makes for a water-resistant bag that can keep your stuff dry in the rain. Plus, you get the accessibility and organization of a great travel backpack.

Travel + Leisure named Tortuga the Best Waterproof Backpack in their list of most durable backpacks.