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The Outbreaker Backpack's Pockets: A Guided Tour

Before designing the Outbreaker, we interviewed tens of past customers and surveyed hundreds. They consistently asked for two things in a travel backpack.

First, they wanted a bag that could carry as much as possible, while still being a carry on.

Second, they wanted the right amount of organization. One big compartment with zero pockets wasn’t enough. Without pockets, your stuff ends up a disorganized mess.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were bags with too many pockets. Those bags force their system on you. With too much organization, you need a cheat sheet to remember what's packed where. No one wants to play hide and seek with their backpack.

With the Outbreaker, we aimed to provide plenty of organization while giving you the flexibility to pack how you want.

Let’s walk through the Outbreaker’s pockets with a few ideas for what to pack where.

Main Compartment

Outbreaker Backpack main compartment

The main compartment (above, right) is wide open for you to pack your clothes and shoes however you like. The front panel of the bag opens like a suitcase giving you the full depth of the Outbreaker to pack your clothes.

On the sides of the main compartment, you have 2 (on the 35L) or 4 (on the 45L pictured above) side pockets for smaller items like socks, t-shirts, bras, or underwear. If you aren’t flying, you can even pack toiletries there. These soft-sided pockets can be flattened if you aren’t using them so that they don’t waste any space.

Opposite the main compartment, on the back of the front panel (above, left), are two large, zippered mesh pockets. These pockets are good for anything that you want to separate like small items or dirty clothes.


Lie-flat, checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve

Unzip the Outbreaker’s lie-flat electronics compartment for easy access to your gadgets and chargers.

The back panel (above, right) folds down and holds your laptop (up to 15” in the 35L and 17” in the 45L) and tablet (up to 13”) in padded, fleece-lined sleeves. A velcro tab secures both gadgets so they can't slide out.

Opposite the laptop sleeve (above, left) are three mesh pockets for chargers, adapters, batteries, power strips, and external hard drives. Anything that you use with your computer or tablet goes here.

Front Panel

Outbreaker Backpack front panel

The organizer panels holds all of the small stuff that you need when you’re in transit.

The front pocket’s organizer panel (above) holds your passport, keys, pens, and cards. The stretch woven pocket can hold your phone or sunglasses.

Behind the organizer is a fleece-lined sleeve for your ereader. Above the sleeve is a zippered pocket shown above holding a notebook. Opposite the organizer panel (folded down in the picture above) is a zippered mesh pocket.


Outbreaker Backpack exterior pockets

The top half of the face of the Outbreaker has a simple pocket that works well for paper documents. Notice the horizontal zipper just above the logo in the above picture.

Below that pocket is a low-profile pocket with a partially hidden zipper.

Outbreaker Backpack water bottle pockets

Finally, you will find two stretch woven side pockets for a water bottle, an umbrella, or a yoga mat. If you don’t use the side pockets, they lie flat against your bag so that they don't take up any space inside or outside of your pack.

The Outbreaker has plenty of organization without forcing its system on you. Any pockets that aren’t being used can be flattened so that they don’t take up any extra space. But the Outbreaker is more than just a collection of pockets. Learn more about what makes the Outbreaker the ultimate city travel backpack.